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  1. Hopefully get it sorted looks like court claim then but haven’t a clue where to start
  2. Hi I paid £3100 bank transfer and £600 cash He seems to think I’m not entitled and was saying all these different sections why I’m not then he got somebody else from the garage to call me and say I’m not having my money back and he is bigger than the other bloke apparently there are several partners
  3. Hi all am new here and appreciate any advice bought a vehicle 2 weeks ago from a car engine rebuild garage who also has 3 other cars for sale drove it home and was smoking and down on power started next day and was lumpy starting informed the garage which said injectors need replacing and they would fix but I have had a garage go over car and few other faults washers don’t work air con rad half the fins missing injectors down and clutch rattles when turn off I have since spoke to garage regarding right to return car and want a refund they have said no refund and no rights as they're not a used car sales does anyone know where I stand spoken to trading standards and they say should get money back I paid £3700 for the vehicle any advice would be much appreciated I have written saying returning under 30 day rights and no response I have taken the car off the road as advised Many thanks
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