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  1. Thanks Dx. I guessed that would be your answer. Do you need to see the letter?
  2. Hello there. update to my previous post last year, if you can offer advice I would be greatful. My partner received the attached letter a couple of days ago, his student loans have always been deferred. We received a letter a few months ago saying that his loan was now with Capquest, which we ignored, then this one appeared saying the account had been handed over to their solicitors Dryden Fairfax. Do we need to do anything? Shall I send a letter Disputing that we owe money as the debt is always deferred due to earnings or just ign
  3. Ok thanks DX point taken. I will ignore them then and come back for further advice if we hear more. and in the mean time i will try and stop stressing about it all!
  4. Hi Dx, Thanks for the advice, if i don't reply to them, what is likely to happen next? Do I need to send them an SAR to see what information they have regarding deferment?
  5. Hi all, Please can you advise me on how to write a letter/ email to Erudio to get them to back off? I ignored the Demand in full letter that they sent on 26/1 as advised, however i arrived home yesterday to a Notification of Termination Letter yesterday, demanding payment or a payment plan with the threat of the account being referred to their preferred DCA if i don't. I feel that i need to write to them to complain in case i need to send this to the financial ombudsman, but am not sure how to word the letter. are there any templates that you would suggest i use? Just to reca
  6. Thanks dx100uk. He deferred through SLC, who sent confirmation of the deferment, but Erudio disputed this, saying that they weren't accepting it, which is why i complained to them. I have never had anything in writing from them saying that they have accepted the deferment, just the full and final settlement of the complaint letter. Which i assumed meant that they had agreed to the deferment etc. My question is, what is likely to happen if we ignore this letter and don't respond within the 14 days? what will happen next? thanks again..
  7. Hello there. an update and further request for help. Thanks for all the help you gave me last year. So in early Aug 2018 i had made a complaint on the phone regarding the mishandling of my partners account, refusal to accept the SLC's deferment, and demands for payment, general hassling and lack of information being sent by post as i had requested. (unfortunately and yes stupidly on the phone) We heard nothing more for several weeks, other than a letter saying that they were looking into the complaint. Then my partner was sent a cheque for £100 in full and final settlement of hi
  8. Thanks so much for the advice, guess we are just scared that they will send bailiffs round, or OH will get a bad credit rating, also worries that they may be adding arears to the loan without us knowing as they haven’t sent a breakdown of the account as requested. We will ignore letters then and wait and see what happens...��
  9. Thanks so much for the advice but Erudio say that the loan has reached maturity due to the deferment being late, the deferment process took 4 months due to SLC being difficult about my partners new self employment status, lack of tax return due to being newly self employed, thesis understood this and said not to worry, however Erudio have been saying the the loan needs repaying now. What can they be requesting from the SLC in regards to deferment history and can they refuse to allow deferment? Also What happens if we don’t complete the income and expenditure form
  10. Thanks Dx. But the student loans company have already accepted deferment for the Erudio LoanS, but Erudio are now saying that they won’t accept the deferment as the loan has matured? They said that they are going to ask for a deferment history from the SLC, and have sent an income and expenditure form for my partner to complete. I don’t understand why they have sent this if they are requesting history from SLC? I don’t know how to respond!!
  11. Thanks @renegadeimp they have now sent letters, but they originally phoned in March and I requested communication in writing then, however we didn’t receive anything until last week after we have received confirmation of deferment from student loans company for the loans. Then Erudio wrote to say that deferment was rejected as the loan had matured!
  12. Hello there, My partner has two student loans with Erudio. Back in March he received a phone call from them saying that his loan had matured and they wanted payment. We asked them to send this in writing and never heard anything, they also hadn’t sent any reminders regarding deferment. he continued with his deferment for his two thesis loans and received confirmation from SLC that deferment had been accepted for both Erudio and Thesis. However we received a letter last week from Erudio demanding payment of the loan. I called them on partners behalf, he has anxiety
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