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  1. Can anyone give me some advice on how to deal with a new contract I've been spoofed into by Select Energy with NPower. I recently moved into a new shop premises and unfortunately before the process was entirely complete, the agent died so I had no knowledge of who the energy supplier was. I was in the process of trying to find out when I received a phone call from someone who gave me the impression that they were from NPower and that they were my energy supplier. I was relieved initially because I'd been struggling to find out who the supplier was and he told me that until I'd registered my details I was being charged an emergency high rate which would be reduced once I'd given my details. For some reason I found this plausible ! At no point during the conversation was I told that he was setting up a new contract or that he was an agent, he gave me the impression entirely that he was the supplier and was just updating new tenant details. I asked to be billed quarterly and specifically said I didn't want to pay by direct debit. The alarm bells should have rung when he asked for the bank details I said I was uncomfortable giving the details but he assured me it was only to confirm I was who I was claiming to be and that there wouldn't be any payments taken from the bank. A couple of weeks later I received a letter from NPower telling me that I was now in a 36 month contract and they would be taking £195 a month by direct debit. The previous tenant from what I understand was paying less than £50 and the supplier was British Gas. I was utterly misled when I phoned to question NPower I discovered I was actually on the phone to Select Energy who I had never heard of. When I did eventually get through to NPower I was told I was in a binding 36month contract and there was nothing I can do. Surely this is fraudulent. Any advice would be incredibly welcome.
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