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  1. We have now received the SD from SMD Credit Solutions Ltd in which they claim we owe a total sum of £15,245.15 details as follows:- £12,000 Principle balance (based on 10 x £1000 reg fee for writing a negative review as per their dodgy t&c's + VAT) £25.15 Statutory interest £100 Statutory Compensation £2160 Costs (???????) £960 Process Serving Costs (this makes me laugh because a quick google shows they cost about £100) £15,245.15 Total I've taken legal advice (free 1/2 hour) and was told that we do have a case to defend because not only is the condition in their t&
  2. It was hand delivered to our Accountant as they are our Companies registered address.
  3. Just taken a call from our Accountants, they have been handed a SD for our Company from SMD for £15K by a bailiff company. The man handed it to our accountant laughing saying he doesn't think SMD will get the money, and it was addressed to the wrong address!! Just waiting for it to come through the post to us!
  4. Many thanks for your replies, I'm going to ignore him and if they do issue an SD I will have to deal with that then. I'd hoped he were just trying it on but it would seem he is like a dog with a bone
  5. So nearly a month on from this I get an email this morning from SMD (I blocked them all so it came from an unknown employee) saying Turns out they have emailed me an invoice for £12,000 on the 10th September (found it in the SPAM folder) and its due today. Do I just carry on ignoring them? Can they apply to bankrupt us or close (‘wind up’) our company if we do not respond to the statutory demand within 21 days.
  6. I have put my out of office on until next week but will work out how to block their emails. I wonder if they haven't emailed yet because they are writing to us instead? I will add a review on here too
  7. Hilarious that's just made my morning. I've had more emails from them in the last 24 hours than I ever got over the 3 months they were supposed to acting on our behalf.
  8. One quick question, is it worth sending them an official letter of complaint? Many thanks
  9. Hi Yes this is the T&C's they sent to us when we accepted their services. An Alex Baker Left a poor review on the 2nd July 2018, this set of T&C's were in affect from 2nd November 2017. I wonder if Alex got his threatening email. Even more interesting that 5* review was put up on that website for SMD today The deadline has now passed and I am yet to hear from them by email at least, to say I'm worried is a bit of an understatement
  10. I will check when I get home what contract they sent initially. I came across the poor reviews as result of a google check when they were failing to answer any emails. I will also check the date in which they changed their t&cs to include that section 3 h? I wonder if it was after the last negative review posted. Just to say thank you so much for all you replies so far, much appreciated
  11. Haha well I’m taking my daughter swimming as it’s the school holidays so I guess I’m going to miss that deadline ooopps Change the review to five star are they having a laugh?
  12. Sorry to keep bombarding you with emails, but they are really pushy. Here are some more emails sent this morning. Sue-ann, Oh so it was a mistake then
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