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  1. Thank you both for your help, I think I've finally managed to get my head around the fact that they can't really do anything at all and are just trying to use bullying tactics to get you to pay money you do not have too. I have what will hopefully be my last question for a while, DX mentioned writing to them offering 11.99 as a final payment offer. Should I send a letter to them or is it not worth it at this point? If it is worth sending it could I possibly be pointed in the right direction of Slick's letter for this? Thanking you both hugely too, you've really made me feel better about dealing with this.
  2. Hi Slick, thank you for your advice. I was hoping you would be able to answer a few questions I've got as I am really spooked. I had a call from CRS/Harlands from a withheld number that I answered, they took me by surprise and I ended up having an argument down the phone when the usual threats of if I don't pay what will happen etc etc. I appreciate that this is a very bad and stupid thing to do but my anxiety kicked in, would this in any way cause me any issues? ended up telling them I didn't care and if they wanted to take me to county court they could. Instantly regret saying it but I don't think when I panic. My main question is, I cancelled my direct debit probably half way through the years contract with exercise4less without telling them, again due to struggling with anxiety/depression. I've read other threads where if you cancel within the year without telling them you would need to pay off the full years balance, would this be correct rather than offering them just one 11.99 payment? Secondly, I do suffer from anxiety and depression but I haven't been receiving any medication or speaking to the doctors about this, would this still be a valid reason to cancel my contract mid way through the years term? Or would I need to get a letter from my doctor? I am really sorry to trouble you but I'm just really concerned I've messed everything up for myself and that they will now take me to court out of spite. Is there anything I should do now? Thank you for any help or advice you can provide.
  3. Thank you so much for your help and advice. I suffer quite badly with anxiety so your posts have been reassuring. It was exercise4less . I'll get reading too, thanks again.
  4. What I meant was, aren't most gyms usually 12 month 'binding' contracts that if you stopped paying would enable a gym to file a claim at county court and win due to a breach of contract? I'm not saying that assumption was correct but it was my understanding as to how the gym contracts worked. I didn't mean that I hadn't used the gym for a year but that I was still within the 12 month period where I would have to pay the full sum.
  5. Thank you for your reply that's reassuring. Is it really only 9.99 I would have to pay even if I haven't been at the gym for a year?
  6. Hi guys, First time poster here, I'm hoping to receive a little bit of advice if possible. I signed up with exercise4less back in either October or November 2017, and paid for my membership through until May2018 when I had to cancel my direct debit due to having no money. I have been suffering from mental health issues for a while and have only just about managed to get a grip on my life again therefore would like to get a grip with this. I received an email yesterday from CRS asking me to call them urgently, stating I owed 212 pounds of which roughly a hundred was the CRS fee. I must admit when I saw this I panicked a lot and phoned them today trying to sort the issue. They weren't exactly very sympathetic when I explained my situation and that I was willing to pay the contract off. I have always had the intention to pay off the full contract that I signed up for, however I feel 212 pounds is extortionate for 3 months of unpaid direct debits. I feel this is very high baring in mind the contract was 11.99 a month, which would have left approximately 5 or 6 months left to pay. I was offered a settlement of 170 pounds to close the dispute, however at this moment I don't have that much money lying around due to poor finances. My question is, have I got a leg to stand on? Or would I need to pay these fees in full? To reiterate I am happy to pay the months I haven't paid for to finish the contract. Is there anything I can do? Thank you for any help and advice.
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