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  1. His reasons for no water supply is that he is on a meter and it would cost him too much...
  2. Hi, The gym is called Ultimate Physique in a town called Castleford. - No water supply in the gym which in these conditions is just unacceptable - No air conditioning in the gym so in warm weather working out is unbearable and in the winter when working out on the first floor it's so cold you struggle to sweat - The duration of my contract is 36 months with I believe is classed as an unnecessarily long contract under Consumer Rights Act 2015 - The penalty to cancel my membership is £10 x by the remaining months, which is 19 in this case. - Is this also an unfair term in my contract due to it being a punitive penalty? Would these be classed as ground to terminate my contract? I have attached the T&C's from my contract if someone could take a look to find a way out of my contract. Thanks in advance.
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