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  1. I've been ignoring the calls and letters. Now they have sent a letter from another company saying that they want me to contact them or they will send a representative. What do I do?
  2. How often though? And how much constitutes harrassment? I get a letter a fortnight and about 5 calls a week.
  3. Sorry, It was a catalogue credit debt with Express Gifts
  4. After much silence from Cabot they are now saying that the debt still needs paying. They are now harrassing me with phone calls and letters. Where do I stand?
  5. They must know that because they cancelled my direct debit!
  6. I recently made a section 78 CCA request to Cabot who I have been paying a debt off to for 2 years. There was another 12 months left until I realised I could make a CCA request to them. I received a reply today saying that they could not get the info from the original lender, and the account is unenforceable. What data position does this place them in? Can they still request from me or use my data in any way? What about the default under their name on my credit file?
  7. Oh I did! Told the FO that I'd got a statement of account who passed this on to JDW so they knew I knew what I'd been charged. JDW came back with a revised amount totalling to more than my own calculations! Expecting a cheque in the next few days. Won't quite believe it until the cheque is cleared and the £ shifted into my savings account!
  8. OK so I have had contact from JDW who say they are processing my refunds now. I was quoted a figure some £300 short of the calculations using the spreadsheet for one of my refunds. What can I do? It sounds as if I am being ripped off. Do they have to go by the Ombudsmans formula? Does the Ombudsman have to check this first?
  9. OK my bad, however, if it were lost in the post what next? How will we know if its lost or if the time is up and they couldn't fulfil the request?. We all know proof of posting is not proof of receipt.
  10. OK so I sent the DCA the CCA letter with the £1 po and sent it signed for delivery. The tracking looks like it never left the post office after I handed it over. There has been no update for a week. What do I do now?
  11. If it established that the DCA had no right to collect payments from me can I ask for a refund? I have been paying them for over 2 years. Could they then return/sell the debt back to the original creditor (assuming they never held the original cca)?
  12. I can view my account history on Mortimer Clarke website do I send the CCA to Cabot? Cabot have two addresses I have a letter saying the account is managed by Mortimer Clarke and to contact them.
  13. Okay, I've just checked my credit report which says I pay my account to Cabot but my Direct Debit is to Mortimer Clarke. I am now confused. Who do I send a CCA to?
  14. Both debts show on the credit record. One as payable to the DCA (Cabot, but The Studio account shows as closed and satisfied) and the Barclaycard shows as a default with reducing balance, I pay a DCA for that one but it doesnt show.
  15. If the debt is unenforcable do I stop paying? If so , will it affect my credit record?
  16. Thankyou for clarifying. If the payments to the DCAs appear on my credit file what happens then?
  17. No I get that. I shan't stop paying but please, in laymans terms, what do you mean by cash cowed? I think I know but can you be a bit clearer. I am new to this.
  18. Why? I know how much I owed. Do you mean it could be unenforceable? I'm sorry I am confused. Its all on my credit report. What will happen if I stop paying?
  19. So what happens then? Is it unenforcable if they cannot comply? Who do I send it to? Sorry but not come across this before.
  20. Actually I have started an irresponsible lending complaint against Studio. I have had several cases upheld by the FOS recently which date to the same time as this so I may just hang fire against them and keep paying off. I made an SAR to Studio who haven't sent it to me within the timescale they said they would. Still waiting. Barclaycard I was just paying the minimum payment each month by DD but it was over limit and the charges piled up. I stopped paying to make it go into default and prevent interest and charges accruing further. Stupidly I ignored their letters and they
  21. The debt to Studio I have been paying for about 2 years at £50 per month. There is a balance of about £550 The Barclaycard debt I have been repaying at £25 per month for about 10 months. The balance is about the same. They both appear on my credit report. I just want rid of them now, I have a chance to knock a hole in both.
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