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  1. Hi Andy, Yes, so that's right the payments for the insurance came from his account, not sure whether it was his business or his personal. The company car was registered to I know was registered to Toyota, this was the name on the logbook and it was under contract hire to the company. The actual insurance was in my name yes and my address which allowed me to drive and be insured on the car. C
  2. So I need some advice. Long story short, I was working for a small lettings agent. I was given a company car however the owner told me to take out personal car insurance, stating that he would pay the monthly direct debit. This was the case and I was working their for a couple of months until unforntualy I had an accident in the car making it a write off. I then had to claim on the insurance, the car was paid out, after that the owner decided he didn't want me to work their anymore. I then lost my job, the owner canceled the direct debit for the insurance which then, in turn, ca
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