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  1. Thank you for this. They are interesting reports, and the second link does indeed bear on my case. The point is that my bank agrees that we were ripped off, but refuses to pay under section 75 because it thinks there is a break in the contract chain: Us --> Booking.com --> hotel in Vietnam. However, I think they have overlooked that Booking.com is not a travel agent - all payments are charged directly by the ultimate vendor to the customer, so the booking site is not an intermediary for payment, only for choice/confirmation. Do you agree with my thoughts on this? Many thanks Nick
  2. When you use Booking.com there is an intermediary between you and the provider of services (in this case a hotel) Are any users aware of a bank making a compensation payment to a customer for a substandard hotel under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, where Booking.com or other similar operators were involved? As many of you will know, credit card companies are frequently claiming that there isn't a direct contractual link when there is an intermediary, but I'm looking for precedents for either settling such cases in the consumer's favour, or better still a judgment at court . I have a Small Claims case coming up against a bank which denied my section 75 claim on this ground, and intend to test it in court. I’m an experienced CAB-trained volunteer who has had lots of wins over various companies in the Small Claims Court. Thank you.
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