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  1. my car park ticket is pinned to there original letter and kept in a safe place
  2. The original letter states smart park has the right to seek payment the parking charge for unathorised parking of the vehicle on the land of the relevant date as owner of the land on the basis of a contractual right to occupy or have possession of the land or acting as agent of the landowner then goes on to say not purchasing appropriate parking time or staying at carpark longer than permitted i appealed online through smart park website to say I've paid there a copy of my ticket they then said incorrect registration mark , and as its non on they have now passed onto to de
  3. hi yes i still have my ticket i purchased from the machine
  4. Hi all had a charge from smart parking for insufficient fee , i showed my ticket via email , they then said incorrect reg mark , i entered the numbers not full reg, now they sent debt recovery plus letters saying if it don't get paid they will issue court proceedings. Im currently trying to remortgage and don't want any ccj on my file which my hamper my chances , is this their scare tactics or are they genuine , this happened on fantasy island car park in skegness back in may this year thanks for reading
  5. My moms address shows on the letter yes
  6. the address I live at is the address I grew up in we brought house of my parents when they got divorced back in 2001 , so I have no links to my moms add at all , this is what puzzles me
  7. Hi andy the letter doesn't say who the debt is with or for how much it says we have been asked to contact p smith and been provided with this address (which went to my moms house ive never lived there) by a credit reference agency as a forwarding add for this person contact them at blah blah that's all the letter states ring them quote the ref number cheers
  8. i have access to my credit file but cant seem to find anything on there
  9. No idea ive owned the house im in for the last 17 years my mom been in here council bungalow for the last 8 years in which ive never lived there so haven't got a clue and to why they never sent it to my address is mind bogling
  10. Had a few text messages and an automated voice mail today which I’ve ignored It but today my mom has had a letter with my name but her address which I thought was strange, are these [problematic] just after more info please
  11. Hi all newbie here recently joined to get more help and info regarding capital resolve
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