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  1. guys if i wait until the NTK i will loose the possibility to pay half pf the fine won't i??? cause all the people are telling me to pay and avoid problems... Yesterday i had an argument with the person in charge of the transport and the parking permits and they are not admiting any complaint... is this all a joke??
  2. understood I'll go to ask to the council and thanks I'll wait for the NTK
  3. well "sorted" about the pcn from the job... apparently i parked in a place reserved for car sharing.. . but follpwing the criteria of the poor guy who was trying to explain the rules to me. .. you can't park there until 9:00am. ..so if i park there before cause i start at 8 my job.. . even having the badge of sharing car i can't park there until 9.. .even though the park sharing sign is not shown in these parking bays. .. so the thing is that and i don't want to pay for it it's absolutely unfair... that guy said to me to appeal.. . i have the pictures to show you t
  4. guys i have news... the agency is managong the problem with the ticket at home so we can "forget" that one by the moment and thanks a lot for the help with that
  5. this morning my line manager said me to go amd complain in the travel center, they provide us with the parking permits and sell us the scratch cards for the car... one of the surgeons said to me don't even bother cause they can't take me to court and don't even answer any ot the letters cause if i do that they will have proof of address and all my dates.. . what do you think???
  6. I'm renting the flat.. . the name of the developer i have no idea is another thing i have to ask on monday at the agency... in the first floor there is a job centre that i assume is an organisation that belongs to the government...
  7. well let me ask in the agency cause there's no one to ask in here at the building... apparently there's a manager of the building but i don't even know him.. . i need to wait until monday that I'll be off to go to ask cause the agency is closed all the weekend and i work... i assume the land of the parking is property of the same landlord of the building cause the parking is in the base of it... thanks im advance about this and all the help are you giving
  8. the date of the pcn at home is 26th june 2018. i haven't appealed I have received today 2nd August 2018 the NTK for the pcn at home. The NTK does not mention PoFA 2012 and i haven't appealed to it. Not photographic evidence. The parking company for the pcn at home is Horizon parking, the pcn at home was in Chelmsford Essex, at my own bay in my parking from the building, this is the answer to post #2 i think... sorry I'm not very good in this kind of things
  9. the date for the pcn at work is 31st July 2018. i haven't appealed the parking company for the pcn is gemini parking solutions. the pcn at work was in Broomfield hospital.
  10. the NTK for the ticket "earned" at home arrived today demanding to pay 90 pounds
  11. i have my own bay at the parking in my building, and i found a ticket slapped on the windscreen. i don't know since when these boys are working in here cause I'm a very new resident, i moved 4 months ago(i rent the flat). the date in the ticket is 26th June 2018 and the date on the letter (NTK) is 30th july2018 and btw... thank you very much for helping me
  12. I'll go tomorrow to the hospital and will take pictures of the signs and btw... thank you very much for helping me
  13. i just feel they are harassing me... .. they control the park place of my job (Broomfield hospital) and I've just received another charge from them for being parked there with the sign of worker from the hospital and the scratch card obviously scratched for the day in question.. . i have some pictures. .. the thing is that... what can i do with this people???? i am absolutely fed up with this... please help!!!!!
  14. I've just read all the issues that lady had with them... and i just feel they are harassing me... they control the parking of my own building and I've received two parking charges for being parked... but not happy with it. what can i do with this people???? i am absolutely fed up with this... please help!!!!!
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