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  1. Thanks stunned monkey. I've had a good read through the Pre action protocol doc on the link. I think they have actually complied with this in their correspondence with me, it's all been very clear. The only thing they've not done is provided any evidence other than my Mac address. I need a new laptop anyway, I might just burn this one.....no more evidence!!
  2. No, there definitely is no use of the word 'Will'. It says 'Our client is entitled to commence legal proceedings.' I haven't been advised to block and bounce emails, does that not make it seem like someone is at home? Surely then I won't know if they are beginning legal proceedings?!
  3. Hi all My situation has escalated somewhat! I've ignored them and received two letters which I have again ignored. I've now received a final email stating that I must respond by 31st Dec or they will commence legal proceedings and I will be liable to their court costs and cost of software. This has come from a new person at the solicitors, namely their compliance and enforcement officer. They have offered an out of court settlement of £6k plus vat which I simply cannot afford. It seems they're not going to go away! As I previously stated in my original thread, I do hav
  4. I've just spoken to Solidworks in a muffled tone and using a fake alias, I had no idea how expensive it was.....£5,645!! That's a ridiculous sum of money for a small business to stump up. On top of that it's £1,145 a year to continue to have the pleasure of using their software!
  5. Thanks for your prompt reply stunned monkey and DX. I do indeed have the same PC to collect email from my domain, which I guess is how they know my work address as well? Although it is pretty clearly stated on my website along with contact numbers so I'm not too hard to find!! It also mentions design in my domain and email address so there's no denying that it's clearly what I do. However the type of design I do is a bit basic and therefore rarely requires the power of a package like Solidworks. the more I'm typing the more I think it's going to be tricky to worm my way out of this one!!
  6. Hi New to this forum but have read a number of other threads on this subject with great interest, would be very grateful of any advice from the members and anyone who has had experiences of this especially through Solidworks. I received an email yesterday 1/8/18 from a Solicitor in Cardiff acting on behalf of Dessault systems/solidworks stating that "Our client has discovered that your company has been using SOLIDWORKS, without the necessary licenses, that is to say your usage has occurred without the consent of our client or any of its authorised resellers." They then chuck in
  7. Hi all New to this forum but have read all the threads about these Dessault cases with great interest. I received the same email yesterday and would be grateful if someone could tell me what the outcome of their situation was given that over a year has passed since this discussion was active....are you all in prison? Or sold your homes to pay for a licence?! A little bit about my situation; I am a designer and have from time to time used Solidworks although it is not my default package hence the reason I couldn't afford to lump out the thousands they ask. I am a soletrader and only d
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