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  1. Thanks, I think... lol And there was me hopping with all the evidence I have that this would be a quick fix. I'll have a read of your thread properly and will get myself some files. Thanks again
  2. I say I don't owe it. The 7k was never in dispute that I took out in Feb 06, where the 12k came from in Oct 06 I do not know, I never refinanced or contacted them in any way. Payments always on time. T he only thing that we did do was reclaim the PPi some years ago. I have not sent a CCA or SAR yet, I wasn't aware of what they were, thank you. I will get them sent to them asap Prime have told me they have been in touch with welcome and they have no original documents for this loan
  3. Yeah seems there are a number of people with issues with them, any advise of where to go ? The way I see it is there is no point going after Welcome as they would just pass it to their liquidator. So I assume it's Prime I need to pursue, I have logged a complaint with Acenden who are the administrator for prime. Any advice would be appreciated as I want the £13500 I have overpaid them back.
  4. company I took out the loan with was welcome finance, I have the original paper work for the loan in feb 06 for £7000 over a period of 84months 7years, bringing the loan to a close feb 13, for one reason or another I did not notice that the loan should have finished until I had issues lately making re-payments. I was informed by the now company Prime Credit that the loan I took out in Oct 06 was for £12k over 15 years. They have no signed paper work to support this, no evidence that I have had the loan. I have bank statements and original documents to confirm a loan in feb, but nothing in oct. My bank statements show no payment in from this company in oct 06. I'm trying to get back the £13500 I have over paid them in the last 5 years. Prime credit who took on the account in 2016 have dismissed my complaint hiding behind a time barred loop hole, as it is over 6years old. The ombudsman has been involved but Prime credit are not regulated by the FSA although it seems their administrator Acenden Limited are. So I'm try to collect all the evidence I can to prove I never had this loan so I can make a case against someone
  5. Hi, I need some help with an issue. I'm currently collecting evidence against a finance company who say I had a secured loan in oct 06. I did take out a secured loan with this company in Feb 06. My question is if a charge was placed against my property in Feb 06 for a £7k loan, if I had then taken out a loan with the same company for £12k in Oct 06 would they have had to raise another charge. I have requested this info from Land registry and am waiting for them to get back to me.
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