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  1. You're entitled to your opinion but I do not believe what I suggest to to be against the ethos of CAG. It might run contrary to your values, and that's fine. There are any number of threads on the Debt forums with posts from seasoned CAG members advocating that people bypass any moral assessment as to the legitimacy of their "debt". Just as I am saying that we may need to bend the truth on occasion, bypass any moral judgement on that in order to prevent local councils and others reaching into our back pockets.
  2. If you cannot get them on a rock solid technicality, I have always found that coming up with a plausible reason why you were in contravention of their rules is the best tactic. A good story if you like, something which cannot be proved either way, appealing for them to be lenient on this occasion whilst apologising (local council love you to bow down) and stating you will be more careful in the future! Obviously you are past this stage in this instance but I have found the above to work on a number of occasions. I know others may be critical of you not being honest but we must do what we must do to prevent ourselves from being extorted.
  3. There is no way I would be logging into any website on any DWP computer. There is no way I could confirm the integrity of their IT networks, or what cameras I may or may not be captured on whilst entering my password - and therefore I would politely decline. That being said, you must keep your boat on an even keel and try not to upset them too much. As others have said, record your job searches - but you can do this however you choose (I used to hand over a simple 1-2 page summary of my job search activities).
  4. Had the following letters from Lowell re EDF: 13th June - "30% Discount on what you owe" 16th July - "50% discount offer - if you contact us by 30/07/2018" 30th July - "50% discount offer is still available until 13/08/2018" Will wait to see where they go with this next...
  5. 6. The Claimant contends that: I owe them 1793.38, from a defaulted account with Aqua. However the evidence sent to me was from Newday. Just in case you weren't aware, Aqua is the brand - credit is provided by NewDay Ltd.
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