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  1. Thanks for all your advice and support I have admitted that I didn't respond, can I still sign a statutory declaration? Another point is that I am a HGV Driver. I haven't been doing this job since January (my last week was actually the time of this offence) but I am being laid off in early September in my current role and so I may need to go back to HGV. I have a girlfriend and a 13 year old in the house who rely on my wage to pay the rent too. Thanks again
  2. Thanks for the comments so far. Yes I have been driving for around 20 years. I have accumulated 6 points in total before this, 3 in 2004 and 3 in 2013. Nothing in the last 5 years until this. You have 1 disqualification TT99Period: 6 monthsStart date: 26 Jul 2018End date: 25 Jan 2019 Hide information Dates Start date: 26 Jul 2018 End date: 25 Jan 2019 Conviction date: 8 Jun 2018 Sentencing date: 26 Jul 2018 Removal date: 8 Jun 2022 Offence details TT99: ‘totting-up’ - if the total of penalty points reaches 12 or more within 3 years Period: 6 months Court 2375: Name unavailable I appreciate it says totting up, but I definitely only have 6 points. I will appeal it and get myself down the magistrates. As stupid as I have been surely I can only have 6 points and not a ban.
  3. Hi Firstly thanks in advance for help, had some very bad news yesterday and just looking for any advice In early 2018 I was driving a company vehicle and was doing 36 in a 30 zone. The prosecution notice when to the employers as the owners of the vehicle asking them to name the driver. They named me but I left the company around this time. I got a letter asking me to name the driver/if I were the driver. I have to confess I didn't respond. No doubt I have been stupid but this time coincidended with me leaving my family home and having some health issues. I later moved back into the property Because of health and money issues, I do admit I didn't respond to a couple of letters. I guess I just didn't want to face the truth and accept a fine. I got a letter yesterday saying I got taken to court last Thursday. I did not get any letter about going to court. I have been given an £800 fine and banned for 6 months. This seems incredibly harsh as I didn't have any points on my license. I accept the fine although it won't be easy to pay but the ban seems very harsh and makes life fairly difficult for me. Cheers again for any advice received, just wondered if I could appeal/defend in anyway
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