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  1. I have cleared the arrears in full and they have acknowledged receipt in writing. I have sent them an SAR indeed and await hearing.
  2. Whats a Tomlin? There are no arrears on the account so they cant press for me to pay anything further. their language was getting very threatening so I got scared I guess! I don't want to end up in Court and have to defend a return of goods order.
  3. hi everyone Me again! Moneybarn have been back on at me telling me that I either agree to the consent order or they will request an order for the return of goods. I have filled out their i&e form (after pointing out and correcting in red the multiple spelling errors). Their language is getting more and more threatening and I am somewhat concerned. I am setting up a standing order to ensure that all future payments are met on time if not early. If there are no arrears on the account and I keep it up to date, there isn't much that they can do right?
  4. Thank you. So can i just kinda carry on as normal and keep making my monthly payments. I am about to go on holiday for a week - they cant do anything crazy like come and take the car can they? Many thanks
  5. I never received the default notice so didn't know the timescale I had to clear by.
  6. Me again! Still having fun with Moneybarn. they have now sent me this!: Thank you got your email. Unfortunately, we are unable to rescind the termination and as such, the consent order process must continue. We can confirm that the default notice was sent to you on 06/07/2018 and we had attempted to call you numerous times in between termination and the letter being sent. We can agree however, that if the first payment under the consent order is made, we will agree to waive any court fees. I don't want to go through all the drama and hassle of court proceedings
  7. I dont have all of the statements sadly as they have been very poor in sending them to me. I will however request a redemption statement from them once I have paid the arrears and made it clear that the contract is to continue. I agree that they have been unfair. It amounts to 3 months arrears in total spread over a 4.5 year agreement with 15 months left. thank you all for your help and reassurance.
  8. Hey! Thank you for that! That's great! However they have said that as they have served a termination notice, they no longer have a legally binding agreement with me and I must pay them £400 for a consent order whether i clear the arrears or not.... See below the email they have sent me.... Thank you for your email. Your finance agreement with Moneybarn has been terminated therefore the contractual agreement between both parties no longer exists; therefore there is no legal protection for you or Moneybarn. To retain the vehicle at this point, we need a
  9. Hi, Yes I will have paid more than 1/3 of the agreement. I have 15 months of payments left amounting to just under £3k When i took out the agreement, including interest, the agreement amounted to around £9k
  10. Thanks Can someone please reply to my point above? they have told me that there is no longer a legally binding agreement between us, but under contract law, a simple statement saying that the agreement can continue should suffice to reinstate a contract...it shouldn't need to go through the courts. I have the money to pay the arrears in full now but thus far they have still refused to accept this! Any advice would be appreciated. Many thanks
  11. hi, I can't find where it will let me start my own conversation. I really need some help!
  12. I am having similar problems with them. I have received an email saying the agreement has been terminated. I did not receive their default notice so was not aware of any timescales or deadlines to respond. I have told Moneybarn that I have enough to cover the arrears and settle them in full but they have told me that they cannot accept this unless I pay the full outstanding balance (about £3.5k) or enter into a consent order and pay £400 for the privilege! What to do!?!?!
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