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  1. Thank you kindly for your reply. So, to clarify, I submit my OOT with evidence as per what I wrote above, wait for them to approve or reject it? What happens next? Wow, that sounds like a big situation indeed! RE: the challenge/appeal/whatever they're actually calling it, there was an option to view evidence and "appeal the contravention" on Barnet Council's website when I viewed the PCN. I opted for the latter (including my new address as you know). So here they are either saying that they received a "challenge" and simultaneously saying they never received an "appeal"
  2. Hi Bailiff Advice, Just wondering if the above is the correct thing to write RE: PE2 or whether I should be submitting something else? Thanks so much and hope you've had a good weekend. Best Wishes.
  3. Hi Bailiff Advice and everybody, So can you please advise if this is an acceptable OOT PE2 to send? Please forgive any naivety or stupidity on my part as this terrain is new to me. Thank you so much for your help. "Dear Sir/Madam, I have been unable to submit a statutory declaration in the normal time allowed because I did not receive a rejection notice and was unaware the PCN appeal had not been accepted until 31/07/2018 when bailiffs removed my vehicle. I made representations about PCN xxxxxx within the 28 days of the penalty charge notice (on 11/10/2017), notifying Barn
  4. Hello! So I have confirmation from Barnet council that (as aforementioned) they received the updated address, twice, and that the rejection notice was sent to the old address. I shall revise my proposed PE2 form and post it here. In other news, I've paid out for the car. A little dirtier than when it left me and a slight bend of metal on the wheel arch.
  5. Thank you so much for taking the time to find and post that. I will call them back and get a why from them to add to the OOT. I hope I don't have to go through the OOT getting rejected to have it all sorted! Such bloomi' hassle!
  6. Thank you, Bailiff Advice. It looks like it! I did inform them that they received the address twice, logged it on the system and yet no documentation was sent there. Didn't quite have the parlance/knowledge to say anything about National Standards over the phone though! Thanks, I look forward to hearing back from you.
  7. Thanks so much for this. I've just got off the phone with Barnet Council (and recorded the call) and they updated my address (to my current address) at the time of the appeal (12/10/2017) but no letters were sent to it. They also did receive my enquiry email on 26/11/2017 (which also reminded them of my updated address). I'm guessing this leaves me in quite a strong position regarding my OOT now?
  8. Thank you kindly for being helpful. Is there anything to watch out for in terms of paying it? I believe I've seen stories on the forum about people being asked to sign something that later waives their rights to recover money and/or to refuse signature or sign with "declined". Don't know if that's super rare or something?
  9. Thank you kindly for your response, Bailiff advice. Right, I thought I would have to pay out for legal costs to recover it. The best option, then, might be to pay the fee and simultaneously file the PE2 and PE3. If it's successful, I can reclaim the costs? Is that an option?
  10. Good point. I did get through to them in the end (by just pressing yes to a department that had nothing to do with it and getting transferred as all the motor options just refer you to other automated voicemails) but didn't ask that. I will give it a try. I have no idea if they received the representation or subsequent emails and will have to ask them. I did find it odd (yet unsurprising) that they are hell-bent on you emailing them yet the times I emailed them requesting updates on the appeals and reminding them of my change of address, I received no reply.
  11. Hi everybody. Love this forum and thank you so much in advance for any help. I've tried my best to dig deep here and elsewhere as to make this as easy as possible for you to advise on. A bailiff took my car this morning for an unpaid moving traffic PCN with an overall fee of £513 for release. The PCN was sent to my old address days before I moved house. I appealed from the new address (putting my new address on the form) and followed up via email (again informing of my new address) to ask the status of the appeal and received no correspondence.
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