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  1. no i didnt find it here sadly. but it is what it is now and ill have to deal with it i guess
  2. one is for a payday loan from 2013 and the other is a shop direct loan from 2016. i had done a 3 letter process to the one from 2016 and sent a cease and desist. and never heard back from lowell regards it then i moved around 3-4 months back and now i have this issued a week ago
  3. hi, ive just recently looked at my credit report and in the last two weeks ive had 2 ccj's added to my credit report. one is from lowell and the other is from lantern drs which i assume is now what mmf used to be. both were issued at my old address and i knew nothing of the matters going this far. the lowell one is for an old shop direct account and the other is an old loan from 2013 which can only of been a payday loan. my question is what should my next move be im a carer for my disabled son so i dont work and claim income support. any advise would b
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