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  1. Well, I for one have not heard anything any more but I am sure in a few years time another letter will arrive. Yes, they are chancing their arm and I for one don't give a rat's arse. I have travelled and will be travelling around Europe and since my last post I have been to a number of European countries. Their BS is just that, BS and scare tactics. You could file a case against the solicitor for harassment if they keep on sending you letters or calling you. Under no circumstances provide your phone number.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply. As you mentioned, it does not say they 'WILL' anything, however, it does say 'we have been instructed to commence legal proceedings against you. If for any reason you dispute the claim being made against you, please provide us with details so that we can investigate this matter further'. It does go on to say that 'their client may have instructed the matter to police and therefore my travels to GCC countries may be restricted.' (the bold italics are mine). I do not care about any 'may' but my wife is panicking a little especially if there is any Interpol involved (which UAE seems to be very fond of using). We do travel quite frequently around Europe. I ignored the first letter and a fortnight later got the second one giving me 7 days to respond. Feel like telling her to stick her head down the toilet and flush it off. Alternatively, I suppose I could engage the other solicitor in that office (using a different solicitor firm name) to pursue the bank for fraudulent pursuance of debt. That would be really funny now since technically they are a different solicitor firm
  3. Hi, I have read a few of the debt recovery questions and threads and lots of good information, however, everyone is a little different which brings me to my query. In my case I did not do a runner from any debt and tried to settle everything legally before I left. In 1996 while working out in UAE I bought a vehicle on finance (Oman Bank renamed to Mashreq Bank now were the financiers). I made the repayments regularly until I lost my job a couple of years later when the company was sold and the new owners wanted their own people in. I had difficulty making the rest of the payments and some debt accrued but I managed to bring my payments up to date by bringing money from the UK. In mid 1998 I decided to leave the UAE and return to the UK so contacted the bank and agreed to return the vehicle to them to sell it off and deduct what was owed to them and give me the balance of the money as the vehicle was worth at least double the outstanding amount. For a while upon my return to the UK (Northern Ireland) I did not hear anything from them until a few years later when I received a threatening letter from some agency/solicitor (I really cannot remember). I called them and they threatened me with court cases and arrest upon travelling to any Mid east country. I did explain that it was the bank that owed me money and it seems they were asking for the full amount of the remaining debt plus interest which made me to believe that the vehicle was either sold for a small fraction of its value or for just a nominal amount which again means I was defrauded by the bank or the person who was dealing with the case. The person who I spoke to was unable to provide any paper work. In the meantime I traveled to Oman and Kuwait in 2003; but now a shade over 19 years since I have left UAE I have received letters from a solicitor in Manchester threatening me with legal action within 7 days if I do not settle the debt or contact them to settle the debt. I live in Northern Ireland and own my own property. I am also the nominal director of a company registered in England (I do not own the company nor receive any benefits from it). What is the general advice that I should follow? Ignore the letters or write to the UK solicitor asking for all the documents in English? the solicitors seem to operate from a small office in Manchester and a search showed another solicitor registered there so I assume it is one of those solicitor offices that uses various names although the lady in question seems to have been registered by the SRA. I strongly deny owing any money and again strongly believe that I am owed money. The vehicle was valued at over £4000 while the debt was about half that (in UAE Dirhams). By the way, I have no desire to return to that country due to a lot of bad experiences and although I have been offered work a number of times (companies contacting me directly) including from trusted friends, I have refused to entertain the thought of ever going back there. Sorry for the long post but I thought it is better to provide all the information in the beginning. Cheers and thanks in advance for any help, direction and advice.
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