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  1. Good morning everyone, MBNA have informed us that you were either subject to an IVA or declared bankrupt some time ago, and as a result you are ineligible to bring a complaint to them. This is because PPI is classed as an asset under the Insolvency Act 1986 and any assets held before the date of the bankruptcy remain vested with the Official Receiver. This remains the case even when the bankruptcy has been discharged. I was in an IVA, Completion Certificate received 2 years ago. The debt was sold on to Max Recovery. Is this correct or is it just MBNA trying it on? This wa
  2. Good afternoon everyone, I sent off a CCA Request to Santander regarding a Debenhams store card, and got the following back. Does this mean they do not have an original copy on file. The card was originally run by GE Money and sold on to Max Recovery after I took out an IVA in 2012, or should I have written to GE Money or Max Recovery. Any help appreciated. img004.pdf img002.pdf img003.pdf
  3. Neither have i. It's only a small amount, it's just annoying. I might just pay it, and I have found an address you can write to where you can apply for a redemption price.
  4. Hope someone can help with this? I have lived in my house since 1976. Never had a demand for this rent until now. The demand from Linder Myers Solicitors says made payable by a conveyance dated 6th December 1898. Executors of Mrs Marjorie Wilkinson Dodd Rent owner under a conveyance of 24-12-1990 I own the Freehold which I purchased in 2001 so I don't pay any Ground Rent and I know this is a separate charge. On the document from the Land Registry under Charges Register it states:- 1.The land in this title is with other land subject to a perpetual yearly rent charge of
  5. Followed instructions to upload docs in PDF, no success. Is there anything in particular you wanted to know about them? Doc2.pdf
  6. I have a letter from my I.P. which says, I write to confirm that following issue of the Completion Certificate in relation to you I.V.A. on 26th October 2016, I have no interest in any P.P.I. complaint or subsequent awards that you may have. As such, any funds may be paid directly to you. In the supervisors report Whist I have not been made aware of any intended or ongoing reclaims regarding the mis-sell of P.P.I. Policies, should the client make any such reclaims successfully and subsequently receive redress prior to the issue of the final report, I intend to consider these funds as
  7. Does my I.P. still represent me, I thought once you had received your I.V.A. Completion Certificate that they ceased to have any dealings with you. It was completed almost 2 years ago.
  8. I have just had a reply from MBNA saying I am not eligible for any redress as I was declared bankrupt, this is not the case as I was in an I.V.A. which is now completed. Also the debt is now run by Max Recovery, what are the options?
  9. On the LC Asset letter there is no FCA number, just a Registered Office address in Luxemburg. In this letter they say they have appointed Link Financial Outsourcing Limited to manage the account on our behalf. The Bank of Scotland number is 122626
  10. I had one letter from H.B.O.S. saying the debt had been sold on, and one letter from LC Asset saying the debt had been sold to them. Just received two more letters today for a Lloyds card account. Same thing one from Lloyds one from LC Asset. Sent everything to my I.P. don't know if he can do anything as my I.V.A. was completed nearly two years ago.
  11. My I.V.A. finished and I got a Completion Certificate in October 2016. I have just received a letter from H.B.O.S. saying there is still a large balance on the account. Then shortly after I received a letter from LC Asset saying they had purchased the debt from H.B.O.S. How is there any balance, as I thought on completion of an I.V.A. all remaining debt was written off?
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