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  1. I do get its been a headache but its a large company, they should have some idea. How many years have businesses been requiring you to confirm your email address? The reason is that once you have verified your email its confirmation it belongs to you. Makes it a little safer to send over account details such as password resets, order confirmations or credit application data. A simple typo and all those emails go off elsewhere to someone else. Its just basic security. With JDW, you dont need to verify anything and the whole process of applications could be automated to be done in bulk. F
  2. I have complained to JD Williams and they have advised they are fully GDPR Compliant and registered with the FCA so of course they do the relevant checks. The problem is, they dont perform any identity check at all. Their GDPR team members told me and I quote "We are trying our best to become GDPR compliant". Like that became a requirement 2 months ago now and a financial company really should be up to scratch. I understand the verification of addresses that can be done with a Bank Card, again this would rely on the correct address being given in the 1st instance and would protect indiv
  3. I have recently found out that someone has applied for a credit account with JD Williams on my behalf. They had filled in the online application form with my Name, Date of Birth, a random London address and claimed I had just moved there from an address 4 years ago. Now, with every credit application I have ever made, from a Loan or Credit Card to a mobile phone contract, there has always been a process of verification to confirm I am infact living at the address given and who I say I am. These searches show on my credit report as soft searches as they were used to confirm m
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