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  1. Thanks DX, I thought that would be the response. I've spoken to the Ex and it was her that gave them my number but that's it. I've advised if they reach out again to tell them we're divorced and she knows nothing more about me. Donation made, thanks for the advice Cheers NFT
  2. Hey All, Yes it's CC again, i've read a lot of the forums and am just after piece of mind that i'm doing the right thing. I left Oz (WA) in late 2015 with CC and Bank debt which is now defaulted and after 3 yrs CC are now chasing me for payment with their incredible interest fees. I know that it's not Statute Barred so that's not an option. I received a phone call a few days back at 2am from them asking me about the debt etc. In my sleep addled brain I finally managed to answer a couple of security questions but that was about it, I didn't give them my UK address and h
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