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  1. Morning everyone, I was wondering if anyone had any input on this, I have just received a text saying that I ow owe £532.74 this month so they clearly have disregarded my letter and budget sheet. Should I make a call to them? I just want them to freeze interest, and make a payment plan that I can afford.. Anyone with any advice? I really want to tackle this today its been almost 7 weeks I havent made a payment to them.. I would rather deal with them before they sell the debt. My total amount owed now stands at £3200
  2. I have received a letter today from Vanquis, It says nothing of the letter I sent them.. This letter is obviously a response of type because I have never received a letter from them before (So far I've only missed one months 3 weeks of minimum payments) The letter says; Expiry of your promotional interest rate Dear so and so, Your promotianl interest rate expires 1-10-2018 and we want to remind you what will happen to your balence if you dont pay the balance in full before 1-10-18 The rest is saying now you owe £3104.63 in total and a minimum payment of £410.40 and they are ramped the interest rate upto 19.9% PA Wow.. So they obviously got my letter and thought, Lets up his debt instead of freezing it even though i've lost my income and including my budget. What do I do now in your opinion? Any help is needed because I really need to get a payment plan in place here this is crazy.
  3. Thanks for your advice, I will update this thread when I have more to give, You've all been very helpful.
  4. Ps, I'm looking at my Yamaha TX81z in its rack right now, So i'm loving your using name.
  5. Yes for sure, I will be in direct contact and be able to email/print and send a letter. I'll update when I get a reply from them, Do you think they will sell the debt after awhile? Then I can possibly offer a lump sum payment after some extended time. It's a shame I've done this, my credit history was just getting as good as everyone else in the area according to Noddle.. But when I pay a percentage payment to the creditor that gets marked as 'Settled' on my credit report right?
  6. Thank you both for your help there, I've written and got the letter in the post.. My plan is hopefully pay a direct debit of £10 a month or similar? I'm unemployed at the moment and have limited private income, Less than £200 comes into my account per month. I'm off to work in Morrocco though in November so I don't know when I will be back into the UK, But will eventually so I don't want a CCJ or whatever on my record? So I was thinking of paying the payment nd then when they sell the debt make the debt collector a lump offer of around 15% say? Is that optimistic? I don't want to say too much but I do own property but not in my name. Weird situation maybe but I'm not quite a grown up yet and they didn't teach me anything about finance in school.
  7. First of all, Thankyou to each and every one of you that spent time to reply to me with good information on what todo next, I have sent my Subject Access Request to Vanquis Head Quarters (Which correct me if I'm wrong its almost imposible to find on their official website.. Transparity is key people! Ha ha. my question being, While I've been waiting for some confirmation that the letter was received and also the information is being collacted to be sent back to me is my account frozen? I notice my balance has increased by £120 for no reason that I can see.. Is there a seperate letter I need to send them explaining I can't pay, I need to make a payment plan and the account needs to be forzen asap.. Can you guys help me again please? After this I will never use Cred Cards again after this.. I will get these debts paid 3 months emergency fund 9rent,bills,living expenses Then working onto Financial Independence Thanks again, Vanquished.
  8. Ok so my first call of action would be the Subject Access reuest? I'll get on that now and in the post and keep people updated. No talking on the phone right??
  9. Afternoon Everyone. I've been reading other peoples threads regarding Vanquis and have come up with good information but have decided to make my own thread to be able to keep track of this and to add to the information hopefully, I also have questions. This is my only debt apart from my student loan it is large and I am worried it will ruin my credit score, I would like to get a debt plan for something that I can afford and then maybe make them an offer when I can to have the debt wiped with no CCJ. I owe £2993 with a limit of £3000 as of yet I havent missed a payment since the account was opened in late 2014, I have up until 2 August 2018 to make a minimum payment of £151 but that will be dificult.. I would like to get the account frozen and then work out an affordable way to pay. One thing I have read on another thread about dealing with Vanquis that it is wise to pay for a Subject Access Request for all my statements, I think that would be a good idea because my account has always been paperless and the online ones only go back for 12 months.. I have also noticed that while browsing a couple of them that there are lots of charges every month like; Purchase Interest, Cash Interest (But I have never ever borrowed cash against my card), Promotional Purchase Interest, Cash Advance Fee (Again, Never taken cash) I have also seen PPI being discussed but I'm not sure whether that applies to me. What should my steps be to solve this mess, Learn from it and eventually move on? My printer is at the ready, Thanks in advance everyone, L.
  10. Good Afternoon Everyone! I just thought I'd do the polite thing and quickly say hello to all you good people. I've been a lurker for a good couple of years and have alwayscome back to this particular site for information about Student Loan Debt and have found the information to be interesting to say the least, I was fairly wide eyed reading about the ins and outs of how it really works. I won't get too into that here though because I don't want to preach to the converted as it were, Just that I've read alot of things here that I have confirmed myself and has actually changed my world view. I'm a bit older now though and I'm at a time of my life where its time for me to prepare for my future and nail my debts, Create an emergency fund and get some money working for me in the long run become financially independant so I can leave something behind.. That's the plan anyway. I'll wont get into any specifics obviously but I'm 32/M and have been making active steps to get things under control, I've quit smoking and drinking (about a year ago) and started to get my health in order and now hopefully to get my mind and lifestyle to follow suite. I'm sure there are many here that have been where I am and I can't wait to join a forum of interesting and experienced people.. Thanks everyone, L. PS; My main problem is with (Yes, You guessed it.. Vanquis!) So I will be posting in the relevant thread just to log my journey for provenance. Thanks again!
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