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  1. Thank you very much indeed. I’ve just submitted one to DWP so I will do the same for HMRC also. I really appreciate the help
  2. BB- Ok thank you. I set it up via the Gov website. DX - Sorry I don’t understand what you mean…
  3. Hi everyone, Last week I received a letter from HMRC stating I owed them £2853 for working tax credits debt. £1600 of it was from 2012 and the rest was from 2015. They were sending it to DWP for recovery. In the breakdown for this, the 2015 debt was broken down into 2 payments; one of over £740 on 5th April 2015 and £513 on the 6th April 2015. I do not have any paperwork from any of this, but I did just check my bank statement and I received £277 from working tax credits for the entirety of April 2015, so I am gobsmacked at how they have come to this amount. Today I received a letter from DWP and have set up a payment plan to prevent them from doing an attachment of earnings. My question is - can I still challenge the debt if I am paying it back or is that an ‘admission’ as such? I received the first letter from HMRC on Monday, so it has taken only a few days for DWP to also send me correspondence and I was worried. I am looking into the best way to do this, however didn’t want to ignore the DWP letter. I’m just after some advice; if I owe the debt then I will pay it, I just cannot see how I should pay a debt of over £1200 which they claim I received over 2 days in April, when my bank statement says otherwise. Many thanks for your time in reading this and I appreciate any responses
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