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  1. Hi. Just thought i would post and say im in the exact same situation as you lovetobake. Perhaps you want to checkout my story so far and see if its any help to you.
  2. Hi all. Just to update you all so far. I had 2 letters from them. 1 confirming my defence that i filed and they will be taking further instruction, and another for receipt of my CCA request. Both were around 2-3 weeks ago. Ive heard nothing since.
  3. Thankyou. Ill have a good read properly when i can, and ill let you know when i hear something.
  4. What happens after that? Its over.. or can they do something else like put in a new court action again?
  5. Thank you so much everyone. I've filled the form in online. Do i just wait now and see what happens?
  6. So do you think thats what i should put in on the court claim website?
  7. Hi all. Ive checked the site and think ive found something that might be of use to me. Particulars 1.By an agreement between SAV Credit RE Marbles & the defendant on our around 25/02/2016, SAV Credit RE Marbles agreed to issue the defendant with a credit card. 2.The defendant failed to make the minimum payments due & the Agreement was terminated. The agreement was assigned to the Claimant. 3.THE CLAIMANT THEREFORE CLAIMS 1978 I am unsure though if this is the right one but it seems to be the most used for when Mortimer Clarke hasnt replied to me and hasnt sent me a compliant Letter of claim. Should i edit it, and if so, what should i edit?
  8. Hi everyone. Ive been trying to find what defence i should use but am a little overwhelmed by all the legal things on this site I was told that they have to comply with the 2 letters i sent. CCA request and CPR request ? i think ? But i havent had any reply from them yet. I've noticed a few posts on this site that have a defence for when the solicitors havent replied to my requests. Should i use one of those defences, can i put it on here so you can check to make sure it is ok? I think i have till tomorrow or monday as the date i need to enter a defence, according to the link that my partner answered at the start of this thread. I want to try and get this put away as i havent really slept well the past week thinking about it. Reading around as well, ive seen a few posts, on here and other sites, that original default notices when i missed payments, shouldnt include any charges ( marbles were throwing missed payment charges at me, and then interest on them i think), and the letter that Mortimer solicitors sent me had the same closing balance on which was made of charges. I think ive read something about this not being ok either, although my partner says that it may not be a letter of claim as it doesnt meet what the rules say it has to have on it. Sorry for not replying back the last few days, ive been really busy. Thanks for all your help so far. Its been a big help.
  9. Hi everyone. Just managed to sign up to this website. I'm Jen, Renegadeimps better half . I've read through everyones comments and want to thank you for the advice. I would like to let you know what i've done so far. I acknowledged the claim form as another member on here suggested when i got back from spain a week or so ago. I sent off CPR and CCA request end of last week. I believe they need these to progress with the claim? I received the letter from them that they are saying is a letter of claim, but im totally unsure if it is or not. Neither me or Renegadeimp is sure about that. I should add, he's received one of his own so almost guaranteed he'll be in the same situation as me soon. Can anyone tell me if that is an actual letter of claim, or is it like the last letter they sent where they said they were going to ask for a default judgement, despite the defence time not even up yet. If so, should i use this in a defence? Also, can anyone tell me what date my defence needs to be put on the moneyclaim site. I really dont want to pay this company, as ive heard they are a pretty shady company. Renegade has gone to work, so im going to spend the next hour or so reading this site as it seems to be full of useful info.
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