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  1. Thanks for all the replies. I have withdrawn my trademark application now.
  2. Without giving out the name of the opposer, let us say it was Apple. Assume I have a brand called AppleSponge. They would claim that I am leaching off of their good name. I think it is opposing on relative grounds. They haven't given any grounds. It is a threat of opposition, showing intent to oppose after the 1 month recommended warning period.
  3. I have never hired a lawyer before, except when buying a house, so I have no idea where to start. Recently, I received an opposition to a trademark application, so it looks like I need to get some legal advice. So I have a few questions! 1. Is it best to get a local lawyer, or are most meetings done by phone or Skype? 2. How do I evaluate if the lawyer is any good? 3. When you are making initial enquiries, do they charge you when you speak with them? Or do you tend to speak with their assistants on initial enquiry? 4. Should I speak to a couple of different lawyers fi
  4. I am doing a bit of inheritance tax planning and need a Gift of memorandum template. Are there any free ones going on the internet? I figure they must be very common! Thanks, Jon
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