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  1. Thanks for the reply, UncleBulgaria. Fine, if it does not matter the claim is for $500 or £5000. I get that point. I basically want to dispute the whole fact that an accident happened in the first place. They said that since my description of the event and of the claimant is same, they upheld the claim. What had happened was that on the day of supposed incidence, this gentleman walked to my wife and said that she hit his car while reversing. And this is what I said to the insurance that the claimant said this. The claimant, if he has to cook up a
  2. Hello, I have had this really bad experience where in my car insurance company upheld claim from another party that my wife, while reversing the car, hit his car and that his sensors and other things broke down. My car on the other hand is spotless. Not mark anywhere. I dont want to dispute if there was any accident or not, but even so the insurance company accepted the claim without any investigation. They accepted that there indeed was an accident based on balance of probability that I was present at the time/place of incidence. No further investigation at all. As far
  3. Thanks DragonFly for your response. Its a skoda Superb. Does it matter to thieves as what they are looting. They will harvest everything that they can and just list it on eBay. as simple as that. And genuine parts of any model will fetch a good price. After all they have done this. What are the legal routes open to me. The garage has gone beyond my permission and clearly in a shady way. Is the onus on me to prove that he has stolen/swapped something or on them to prove that he did nothing even though he opened the battery panel for which there is no good reason.
  4. Hello Friends, I probably cannot regret more leaving my car yesterday with the garage for valet cleaning. When I came to pick car, my battery was dead, time clock was reset and the battery panel was open. When I enquired, they said there was lose connection with the battery and therefore they had to open the battery cover. I was never convinced but I had no evidence as such and came back. Today I found that neck of the stearing wheel was opened as well and it is missing the screws that hold it in place. Clearly they have messed more than what was necessary and with
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