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  1. Little confused I have Copy Of my credit file from Callcredit that I get 2yrs ago which has about 50 pages lists my present address from 2008 to 2014 lists my other address 1993 to 2007 but the address for the loans at my first address is not listed , my credit file pre 2007 WHO has this info? This credit file is this what you call SAR ? But my address from address from when I was born till i took out the loans with Mercantile/ Barclay late 80 early 90's is not listed on the file On this credit file I have noticed no details anything connected to my address from 1993 to 2007
  2. what if you dont have cheque how do i send them £10 ?
  3. I just called them up on my text phone because i am deaf and asked to make ppi complaint Gave them name, address , DOB and those 3 dates when i thought i had taken out loans . And they replied back with in few days saying they could not find any details. Can I send SAR template without account numbers details ?
  4. If they hold information back to 90's What should I do even they said cannot find my details. I guess they are expecting me to provide proof the avoid any pay out ? Can I use an SAR and submit £10 cheque without any account numbers , or am i wasting my time because the response be the same with Barclay via PPI complaint. Do Lloyds bank keep statements that far back on personal accounts? Would I be best contacting someone directly at Mercantile/Barclays instead of complaing with those dealing with it by letter
  5. Hello I know I had taken out loans when younger to buy car /bike but was long ago 1989 to 1994 No longer find any paper work I had made note occasional in my diary those years when needed and put them on to outlook on computer Some of the events 02/05/1990 Mercantile £4K , 5yrs protected £127.84 Premium £17.10 16/02/1992 £9,500 7/1/1992 £2500 , 4yrs £133month I even have the dates that contacted bank about my direct debits dates when i took the loan paperwork into Manchester My notes state I even had letter from their solicitor when had few issues but made no note who they were I eventually paid all loans off several years later I found out that Mercantile was taken over by Barclays So I filed for complaint on 11 July 2018 this year with my old address, dob , and the 3 dates referring to the loans I have received letter 3 days later after calling them by phone with 4 ppi references to use instead of complaint reference. Cannot find any loan under my name , address , dob Sorry with finding your account we cannot investigate so my complaint is closed. Called them today and explained my outlook notes , they have asked for that list to be sent. Stated that they only keep records 6yrs , so am curious how do I make claim and prove when i have all these dates if internal records are just 6yrs. Am I correct to assume that successful claims seems to be actual statement or loan account details Even call credit group checks don't have my old original address Do I give up ? What else can I try , I feel sending my list in wont help if they cant even find my name and address Help and info appreciated
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