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  1. Update: My husband is now forging ahead with his Deputyship application after even more ‘changing of mind’ by his sister & further delays.. He has of course, engaged his own Solicitor who specialises in contentious Deputyship cases. Interestingly, in the last few weeks the sister was attempting to move their mother into a different care home without informing either of her 2 brothers.
  2. Thank you king12345 The Estate IS being handled by specialist contentious Solicitors. The current issue is the that the sister has now changed her mind regarding the Solicitors being my MILs Financial Deputy. She agreed to them acting months ago and now she doesn’t. As I’ve already said, it seems she is at liberty to change her mind as she pleases - Perhaps taking her to court for wasting time would be the best option! My husband has just about had enough of her wasting time. Certainly not acting in the interest of anyone, least of all her mother who will inherit. It
  3. As I suspected no advice available and obviously no onus on the sister, who agreed to iSoliciyors acting as Financial Deputy in the first place. BUT my husband will apply to be Deputy for both Welfare & Finances if he is kept waiting much longer. Sister has said to the Solicitor handling my FILs Estate that she will object to my husband making the Deputyship application and he will ibject if his sister should do same . It will all go to Court if she doesn’t act after all this time & hopefully the COP will become my MILs Deputy. All my husband wants is for things
  4. Hi Sorry, To clarify, the sister (Executor) isn’t delaying the Estate. She is delaying the Deputyship for her mother (who has no capacity). The Deputyship needs to be put in place ASAP as the mother will inherit from her late husbands Estate. The sister agreed to the firm of Solicitors to act as Financial Deputy. Currently, she has changed her mind.
  5. Summary: FIL died June 2017. Delay with Estate due to contention between 3 siblings, all of whom are Executors. Contentious Lawyers finally appointed to deal with Estate. MIL has Alzheimer’s & in a care home. She lacks capacity. The firm of Solicitors were engaged on the basis that not only do they handle late FILs Estate BUT were also engaged to act as MIL Financial Deputy as agreed by all 3 Executors. 1 of the Executors has now ‘changed her mind’. This particular Executor has been difficult since my FIL died. Her brother (my husband) had to see
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