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  1. its the same group Noel Edmunds is fighting, if that helps
  2. Hi, new here, apologies if i have post in the wrong place. i need legal assistance to write up a claim against a high street bank. Never in my life have i met a company like it. Deny, delay, deceive and shift liability at all costs seems to be the tactics at play. Brief back ground. 2007 i re mortgage to a tracker mortgage 2009 i start getting letters stating my two year tracker mortgage is coming to an end alarmed at this news, i called bank to notify them of my own change in circumstances i was now on ESA DLA etc due to illness, and, to challenge the idea that i was on a two year tracker mortgage not a life time tracker which i asked for! a phone call to the bank informing them (call A) was had and i was not offered any help, no product change no offers nothing, all they would do upon request is put me on interest only holiday payments. i was seriously ill at the time and could not fight them there and then. around 2011 i decide to raise a complaint, a financial advisor for the mortgage broker insisted that the bank should have made me an offer or an affordable product as soon as i informed them i was ill and on the sick. the bank did no such thing and never has to this day! i requested to see the original signed documents to ascertain whether or not i did in fact sign for a two year tracker or if the bank was changing my terms and conditions because my payments on the tracker were very low due to the low interest rate.. the upshot was an ombudsman complaint, about the bank not showing me the original signed contract/agreement. the bank sent a copy of a direct debit agreement and an insurance agreement to prove i was in a contract with them, and the ombudsmen accepted that as evidence of contract. no where in contract law does that stand as a contract, its not even a confessionary judgement, just some circumstantial nonsense. i was naive to the ombudsman process(still am) and allowed the adjudicator to convince me she was the ombudsman and i thought that was it done. i moved onto try and get a copy of (call A) again, i asked for the call in writing, by phone, the citizens advice asked for it, the ombudsman asked for it, the bank refused access to the phone call, concealing the evidence that i had indeed informed them of my ill health. their complaint handler based his whole refusal of my complaint around computer notes and refused to listen to the phone call. demoralised and defeated, i made one last attempt to rectify the situation by calling the bank, got a great woman Spent 4 hours that day trying to get to the bottom of the problem in 2013. S she called me back in the afternoon, and said, you were right! the complaint manager had now listened to the calli i had informed them of my illness that i should never have been on interest only payments that they had set me up for payments of £235 per month That payment was to always remain the same. T Brilliant, i though, finally got to an agreeable solution. she also said the letters i was receiving informing me that my payments were going to go up was a banking error... two weeks later, the letters started to arrive on the door step again. i called the bank they refused to stand by their previous offer/arrangement and proceeded to set me up to fail in order to gain a false legal basis to repossess. i2014 the bank filed for possession , i filed a notice at first and gained an order for my complaints against the bank to be investigated at the next hearing! i filed a 67 page bundle two days before the hearing and the bank ran away, adjourned with an opportunity to restore but had to do so within 1 year or else they would be struck out! 2015, they relisted the hearing, i filed more paperwork they adjourned again for another year, 2016 i requested an adjournment myself, which pushed it into April 2017, when finally the bank failed to relist their claim and consequently were STRUCK OUT!. the bank have since added 6-7k worth of legal costs to my account, despite protest of course, they are now currently ramping up their threats whilst in all this time they have never made me one affordable offer! ive been bullied, threatened, lied to, deceived, misrepresented and set up to fail! the Judge said in 2014 that he agreed with my counter claim, the basis of which was unfair treatment and relationship had developed. Now i want to file a legal claim against the bank but feel i need someone with the legal head to help me write the claim and comprehend the procedures. at very least to bounce ideas off... whom in here want a crack at a major high street bank? one of the worst organisations i have ever dealt with, they will say and do anything to avoid liability, they even lied on their witness statement by claiming the arrears had not been capitalised only last week admitting that the arrears HAS been capitalised!.. im at my own wits end and need some support and help.. any forthcoming will be appreciated..
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