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  1. TSB website issues & poor telephone service, update. With the assistance of the Financial Ombudsman Service, a compensation cheque has arrived in the post for £150.00
  2. Following the TSB website issues back in April I wrote a letter requesting to close my Classic Plus Account, this letter was never acknowledged! even providing valid reasons why I want to close the account, in the end I withdrew all funds out and transfered to my main account with another bank, so the TSB balance stands at zero I have made several complaints to TSB online, all i recieve is a bog standard letter every so often saying please bear with us as we are dealing with your complaint one letter from TSB i received had another customers letter included!! how shoddy!! Its now July and ive decided to pursue my issues through the Financial Ombudsman Service who apparently can close the TSB on my behalf Its a shoddy, badly run bank, which I have lost all faith in, and from my experience couldnt care less about me from the way Ive been treated
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