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  1. Yes I was. Thanks very much for the link, I can't see the article because I'm not a subscriber but maybe I can find it elsewhere.
  2. Looking for help with claim against Royal Mail in small claims. They admitted to losing my 'signed for' package, but then failed to reply further or compensate me. Four months afterwards, I issued Small Claims writ and they sent me standard letter and standard cheque for compensation two weeks later. They have put through their defence which from reading other threads is the same they always use, ie: 1. No contract was entered into between parties for the delivery of the parcel (they mention Harold Stephen & Co V's RM 1978 as reference). 2. The defendant has immunit
  3. What is PM advise? I haven't asked anyone to PM. I was just hoping to get in touch with the OP and if I start a new thread there is no chance of them being alerted.
  4. Hi Tomo Am not sure whether you visit this forum any longer, but I would be very glad of your help if you could give it. I am involved in a similar small claims case with RM and they are using exactly the same arguments they used in yours. You mentioned you had a letter from their solicitor with details of the judge's arguments? If it were at all possible to post or send me a copy of this or anything that evidences your successful outcome it would make all the difference. I would be very grateful for anything. I would PM you but I need 30 posts!
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