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  1. ruby12

    atos letter

    I will contact them if I don't hear from them in a few weeks.
  2. ruby12

    atos letter

    yes I'm on ESA and in the WRAG group.
  3. ruby12

    atos letter

    letter says. Dear xxxx We recently asked you to attend an assessment at xx on xxxx. This was in relation to your benefit claim. We no longer need you to come for this assessment. Please do not come to the assessment centre as this appointment has been cancelled. If you want to discuss your claim to benefit, or if you want more information about why you no longer need this assessment, please contact the job centre plus. Yours sincerely
  4. ruby12

    atos letter

    Was due to attend a medical assessment for esa. Got a letter from Atos saying that they have cancelled appointment and that I don't need to attend now. I'm not sure what this means has anybody else had this happen to them? as I feel a bit worried is this good or bad news.
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