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  1. No unfortunately not it's only now I'm getting my head around things but would I be able to get my MBNA payment history from global to check if I did pay ppi
  2. Hi I've received my sar back from MBNA but it never included my payment history I called them and they say they no longer have them I was hoping to check if I had any ppi to come back they also my sold account onto arrow global who then obtained a ccj how can they do this if they have no record of my last payment on the old MBNA credit card as it could of been statute barred
  3. DX I like the cut of your jib I'm starting to get where your coming from:lol:
  4. Ok il will do , do you think they would take a offer to settle the debt is for £8500 what do you think is a reasonable offer ?
  5. If it shows PPI and charges will that be taken off the amount that rectums are after
  6. Hi can anyone tell me how a SAR is helpful when trying to determine if a ccj is enforceable what kind. Of info does it contain thats useful, I'm really not good on the legal side of things Thanks in advance
  7. Iv got a email from northhants court saying why MBNA are took me to county court saying iv defaulted on payment
  8. Iv received a copy of ccj from northhants court they said only 1 copy of claim form exists so not possible to send, who do you think holds that copy? Iv phoned MBNA for SAR they've agreed to send a copy by email which could take up to 28 days Is the anything else I could do to help my problem?
  9. Iv downloaded a SAR form ,do I tick all the boxes to get all the information including credit agreement and how much is it going to cost
  10. No I haven't got a copy of ccj or claims form I probably binned them years ago i've just got a recent letter saying they will apply for warrant of control if I dont fill in expenditure form , the letter has my name , address But doesn't state my name anywhere else it says arrow global v yourself
  11. I'm sorry but I don't understand your last reply could you please make it clearer Thanks
  12. Yes I just ignored everything my thoughts were on all the other bad things happening I now realise how stupid I was I've just got to take the consequences now But thanks to all that replied
  13. No it's not possible that there was a 6yr gap and it was attained at my present address, I was going through the usual relationship problems and I didn't care about much but I've started to get things together again it's reared its ugly head and I was wondering could I try using the credit agreement as a defence as the card was issued before 2007
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