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  1. Your bet was correct - Hoist although I can't recall ever having had any contact from them Only one I can think of for the card would be Egg. A single sheet form arrived in today's post; Crt Rep 25.4.pdf
  2. Spoken to NHBC. They say they can't email me the judgement but will post one out and they cannot give me a copy of the claimform as that has already been issued but details will be in with the judgement. Said it was for a Barclaycard agreement. I'ce never had a Barclaycard. Guess I just need to wait for the information to arrive
  3. dx100uk - I have no idea who it is, and thought all creditors were up to date Andyorch - I'll do that, thanks
  4. I've just run a credit report, something that I do every couple of months. it has shown a CCJ was issued against me in March. This has come as something of a shock. Although I have had problems in the past (2008 ongoing to 2012) as far as I am aware everything was either in hand. It has been done at my previous address which I moved out of 18 months ago I have received no paperwork saying it was going to happen or that it has happened. Nor do I even know who it was requested by. The notes say "Judgement Not Contested" What can I do and how do I do it? I am at a complete loss Thanks Credit Rep 24.4.pdf
  5. Thanks for the quick response, really appreciated. With regard to the CRF, is that a general keep an eye on it or is there something possible directly linked to this?
  6. Hi Not sure if this is the best part of the forum to post this but here goes. I have recently received the attached letter from Shoosmiths acting on behalf of Arrow Global (Guernsey) who have a debt that was originally with MBNA. The discounted settlement figure is for 60% of the total amount outstanding. A CCJ was awarded in 2011 for circa £12k Jan 2012 we relinquished our house to the mortgage company May 2012 Arrow went back to court to get the house added to the CCJ as I had defaulted on payments On the way way to court my (now ex) wife called to say the mortgage company had sold the house, the letter arrived in the post after I had set out. In the meeting with the judge and Arrows representative I explained what had happened but had no paperwork to back it up (an hour's bus ride each way would have made me late for the meeting) The judge duly gave them rights over the property and within 7 days I received another letter saying that we had sold the property without their permission. I replied stating both the judge and their representative had been made aware of the property sale at the meeting. I have heard nothing back from them since then. The CCJ no longer shows on my credit report. I do understand that the debt is still there but nearly six and a half years after their last correspondence this has come as a bit of a shock. I do not have any capital to pay off the figure requested, I own no assets of any worth and I have no disposable income. The further options they mention (Attachment of Earnings and/or Warrant of Control) have rattled me somewhat. What is the best response to the letter and what are the likely outcomes? Any advice would be much appreciated! Early Settlement Opportunity After CCJ.pdf
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