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  1. Hi everyone. I purchased a 13" Macbook Pro with touchbar 2017 model from Curry's on 29th June and was assured by the sales rep that Apple had no plans to release a new model this year as it would've been announced at the Apple WWDC earlier that month... To then find out Apple have released a brand new 2018 model on friday. I felt sick to the stomach and feel like I've just wasted all that money on old tech. I've read numerous reports online that customers who did the same but purchased from Apple within 30 days before the new model being released are being offered a full exchange to the newer model no questions asked. I've read Curry's return policy and know they can be extremely difficult, it says if you've even opened the product they won't take it back unless it's faulty. Where do I stand? If I'd known they were releasing a brand new (and quite frankly a much faster and improved machine) only 2 weeks later, I would've waited. I feel conned considering it was such a big purchase. What should I do?
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