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  1. Do you mean that the court would side with the dealer because of the age and mileage on the car and that we should expect it to go wrong? I’m not being sarcastic, I’m actually interested to know what the chances are of us actually getting a refund via Court. We reported the initial problem within 30 days and requested a refund within 3 months after problem was apparently fixed but returned.
  2. Thank you. I am already wound up to the point of no return. I couldn’t care less about the Land Rover Bulletin Scheme or the evoques historic problems. I bought a pile of crap for £18,500 and I want my money back
  3. Hang on a minute here... I bought a used car for £18,500, it wasn’t serviced before it was sold to us, it had a fault in the first 30 days, they fixed it (at a significant inconvenience to us). The fault returned almost straight away. It has numerous other faults but we only know this through our independent check, their garage found nothing. And now the thing has broken down. Called garage on Sunday and they actually suggested my husband might have thrashed the engine himself?!! And that he may have caused the damage. He asked that a manager called him back as we now have no car and a family to run about and guess what? No one called us back yesterday. So now we’ve had enough. I fail to see what any of the above has to do with the way we’ve been treated. We traded in a well looked after car that was serviced regularly and was in perfect condition and bought a car that’s riddled with problems and the garage couldn’t care less about it. Put yourself in our shoes and tell me you would give them a chance to keep fixing it. The Haldex unit was incorrectly replaced, it’s the gearbox that is the problem according to RAC. Don’t want a telling off thank you, I want my £18,500 back!
  4. We paid for the car using a credit card. We have contacted barclaycard, however, they have already warned the process is extremely long winded and relatively new to them so it didn’t fill me with much confidence to be honest.
  5. Thank you for an extremely informative and helpful response My husband called them this afternoon and they said (I quote) “well if you buy a used car you should expect things to go wrong” - quite unbelievable really! Apparently a manager is calling my husband tomorrow but he will tell him refund us or we’ll go to court. I will send a letter before action (recorded delivery), which I have already drafted, and let the fun begin!
  6. Thank you for the advice re posting. Re mediation, citizens advice told me to try every possible way of a resolution before court action as the judge will expect you to have tried this beforehand. In a recorded delivery letter on 21/6, I requested a refund and quoted the consumer rights act. The garage is Saxton 4 x 4 in Chelmsford Essex.
  7. Apologies this is a long story..... Bought a used car from large flashy Range Rover garage on 31/03/18 for £18,500. Husband gets train to work and I walk so we hadn’t really used the car much at the start but noticed something wasn’t right so called trader. They offered to look at the car but at their chosen garage which was 30 miles away and we had to take it there. Husband took the day off work to drive it there and was given what I can only describe as an old banger as a courtesy car. Garage repaired the car (replaced Haldex?) but couldn’t find all the problems we had listed (it got stuck in reverse occasionally and didn’t automatically change gear smoothly and got stuck in first gear once) we drove another 30 miles there and back to collect it. A few days later the fault returned. To be honest there were a few other things we weren’t happy about by this point, rear camera had stopped working, one of the rear passenger doors wouldn’t open. Now we’re out of pocket and fed up with the whole situation and called the garage to tell them that the problem had returned and we wanted to return the car as we had only had it for 2 months. The garage offered to repair it again and refused the request for a refund. We wrote to the garage, quoting the Consumer Rights Act and that we didn’t have to accept a second repair and that they should refund us. They refused. We then got an independent check by the RAC (cost £300) who found problems with the gearbox and confirmed rear camera, door was faulty. A day later I drafted an email to them (I always send Rec del letter too) explaining that we’d got it checked out and would now like to request a refund again. I also phoned the rmi to start Mediation as apparently if you take court action, a judge won’t be happy if you’ve not tried this first. However, before I sent the email yesterday (sat 14/7) I got a phone call from my husband saying the car had broken down. Couldn’t get it started Called the RAC and 6 hours later they stuck it on a truck and brought it back to our house. It is now on our drive, we can’t do anything with it as it won’t start. What do we do now? Go straight to legal proceedings? Call the flashy garage people and tell them to come and get it, which I reckon they won’t! And advice greatly appreciated
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