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  1. It is indeed a mobile. We have no alternative phone number to ring it either and I very much doubt he would answer to a private number if we withheld ours, so he doesn't have mine or my partners number.
  2. There is the same letter on the previous page. Only difference to the one from today is that he has handwritten his phone number and name, which I wouldn't be able to disclose. That will be our next step, thank you for your help with all of this. He had ID on a lanyard but couldn't visibly see any company. His handing of the original RLP letter gave him the assumption. I said it was probably a DCA.
  3. Little update: After no replies to the letters, somebody from RLP knocked on the door this afternoon. I was on the school run so it was just my partner at home, he was apparently ex-police. He knocked on the door, partner looked to see who it was then opened the door. The guy said "I'm not here to take anything, I'll go out the gate so we can talk away from the house". He gave his opinion that the case was a load of nonsense, he's read over everything and was originally due to come yesterday but he refused it becaise of his thoughts. He only came today to mark it as 'called'. He said the fact they were happy with his sentence plus punishment etc basically throws the whole thing out the window. The work placement would have covered losses with insurance and all proceedings will be going to RLP. He then continued to say "honestly, if you want this to end, all you really need to do is move house". He handed over the most recent letter with his number on for my partner to contact him if letters continue and he will try his best to close the case.
  4. I don't have the first 2 or 3 letters at hand, but this was the most recent. img01.pdf
  5. It isn't that it's not sinking in lol, it's the mere fact that this isn't a poxy £50 thing like many have, which is easier to ignore. As she won't have a response to this letter, what are the chances of her telling the client to go further after the 2 week mark?
  6. So it's the case of waiting it out longer for the real boys? He has nothing to his name, only things he owns are his phone (contract) a bike which was taken out under finance with somebody else and his PC. He works 30 hours on national minimum wage, doesn't drive and we rent our property. Considering it took at least 5 months to have a reply from them, they're pretty uptight with their expected received replies. We received a letter in the post today; "Dear Mr XXXXXX Outstanding amount: £XX,XXX.XX Our Client: XXXXXX We refer to previous correspondence in this matter. As you have failed to engage with us, we have carried out further enquiries which suggest that you remain at the above address ad are therefore choosing to ignore our correspondence. Our client disputes that there was any agreement or comments made to the Court that they would not pursue the balance owed and accordingly has instructed us to continue with the claim for civil recovery. If you maintain your position as previously, we would ask you that you provide us with evidence of your assertions, or in the alternative confirm your solicitor's details and provide us with authority so that we may liaise with them direct in this respect. Ignoring our correspondence will not make the matter go away. In the event that you do not engage with us, our client is entitled to pursue recovery of the outstanding balance through Civil Court. In this instance an additional cost of £992.43 for the Court fee (if issued online), plus solicitor's costs in the region of £100.00 and interest at the rate of 8% per annum would be incurred. Our client would seek to recover these additional sums from you in addition to the original sums due. Once the claim is issued, our client would seek a County Court Judgement against you for all the sums due and then proceed to enforcement of any unpaid amounts. If you choose to defend the matter, additional costs would be incurred. Given the length of time that has elapsed, we would ask that you contact our Legal Department within 14 days to confirm your position failing which we shall discuss with our client further action as above, without recourse to you. Yours sincerely, LD Legal Department Retail Loss Prevention Limited"
  7. Eric, I think you may have clicked on the wrong post? This isn't a Sainsbury's case So, what I've understood is that RLP have nothing to legally stand on and basically act as a CAB-esque company for other companies.
  8. Apologies for the delayed replied, I hadn't received notifications. All evidence used 'for' my partner in his criminal case was essentially used as evidence against him at the same time, which is how £15k came to surface - in which he will no longer have access to as it is destroyed. Unless it is noted in case papers. Goods had been sold all over the UK and overseas between a few of them. What happened to the money made from it - no idea. After doing a simple working out it isn't an obvious amount of luxury money to change a lifestyle, especially if split: 15k / 24 = 625p/m at labelled price. I imagine things were sold at a much less price so call it 40% off and it brings it down to £375 a month, which could be £125 +/- per person depending on how many were involved. There was also a small gap due to changing employers. So it is a matter of a waiting game as to whether or not things would go ahead? This process seems to be dragged out - 7 months for a reply over a big sum of money is pretty long IMO. I think it took about 5 months to hear from them with their first letter. Yes, we managed to speak to his solicitor which was a brief 5-minute phone conversation. All he had to say was that it states in the court papers that no further action would be taken, which RLP seem to deny. He then gave us the notice that we could purchase the papers for £x-amount.
  9. It's due to being a new member. Tried to post link to an image uploader but a message appeared "To be able to post links or images your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 4 posts. Please remove links from your message, then you will be able to submit your post." So you're saying this could be another story as there is already a conviction in place, it'll be hell of a lot easier for them to successfully recover costs? The logo is the silver eye in the middle of a swastika looking flag.
  10. So would you recommend that we leave RLP in their bed and await a notice of court hearing? They don't seem too keen with their reply scheduling. Out of the PDF? Name/Client/Ref were blocked out, what else needs to be done?
  11. So we should wait for the employer to proceed with court and leave the money grabbing middleman out of it and ignore them completely? We're not expecting to pay what things sold for that was just stating the 'official' pocketed between him and/or others amount wasn't the same. The documented amount in his evidence is what we would openly be willing to organise, it wouldn't be down for nothing. His statement (which he had no idea he wasn't legally obliged to do in office) was an estimate. They only originally only wanted him for £60, he admitted things which he knew were taken and his employer or the RLP in store rough estimated the amount, they had no actual physical price they saw it as item A could worth £60-90, we'll say £90 even if the tag had £45. They had no stock check to be certain. So profits and losses would be visible to us? Also, our collected evidence is normally destroyed isn't it? Guilty plea was given at £15k though with evidence, not £22k which they're apparently asking. I don't have the first original letter at hand, this is the email received Wednesday, logo and contact details are visible. jpg2pdf.pdf
  12. Thank you for your replies. dx100uk - Yeah we tried that approach to begin with, but it isn't that easy with a big sum - hence seeking legal advice. sgtbush - We were told the no contest had to be pleaded (which I didn't attend) as evidence was all over the place and no numbers were in front of the judge, they didn't want him to admit to anything too soon. It wasn't until the first crown hearing he had no choice to plead guilty to £15k as a rounded sum, else it would have been sent to trial and ended much worse. They also had misinformation about him as he was working for a different company during their time scale too, but somehow disregarded it. The judge indicated that the impact on the company would have been a drop in the ocean. I was even trying to find public revenue reports during his period of employment. Are we not able to dispute the amount? Ask for proof of their losses? --- Vauban - It was goods in which he sold on, he wasn't the only employee involved. During the sentencing hearing which I did attend, it was described as an "operation" which two on the same shift would move goods elsewhere for another to collect and store, he doesn't drive so I know he wasn't a part of transport. Some shipped abroad and some sold inland. For some reason he had it down in a notepad which was held as evidence and it said how much was taken which added up to shy of £15,000 at store price but sold for around 40% less. Recovered was £800 which wasn't his address. Whether the money was split, I don't know. I saw no flash spending or lavish lifestyle as a result. He was the only one to be convicted, that I know of.
  13. My partner was dismissed from work in Dec 2016 for gross misconduct - theft of employee. They had him say in statements that it totalled to over £22k (unsure if it was RLP or employer) but only £13k was documented on partners papers and £60 on CCTV. Police were called, he was taken into custody. No charge or bail. Some amount was recovered that night. He missed his summoning due to moving cities and they never updated the system, so he handed himself in after he received a phone call in which he was then escorted to magistrates - plead no contest at his solicitors request, in March 2017. The case was then sent to crown the following month. Hearing finished early due to CPS not handing in enough sufficient evidence in theft amount, they lowered the grand total to £15k. He had to plead guilty for £15k at his second crown hearing, the 'team' fighting for the employer was happy with the results and was given a suspended sentence (18 months suspended for 2 years), 150 hours unpaid work, fine and a victim surcharge. The fine and charge have been paid as well as hours. 7 months after sentencing, my partner received a letter from RLP demanding the first original amount of £22k + fees of surveillance etc, else it will be forwarded for court proceedings. We ignored it thinking it may be spoof, as they have little reputation. Another letter was received waffling how there wasn't a response . I told him to contact his solicitor, he read through the court papers and was surprised as it stated no further action would be made as they were happy with the outcome. He replied to them via email in February stating he does not admit to the amount of £22k as the amount on his evidence is £15k minus recovered. This week (5 months later) they responded with: Dear Mr XXXXX, We refer to our previous correspondence in this matter. Our instructions are that there was never any agreement not to pursue the substantial sums owed. Our client was not present at the criminal Court hearing but has confirmed that they did not seek an Order for criminal compensation as it was and remains their intention to recover the sums due by way of civil recovery as they are entitled to do. In view of the same, they seek to recover the full balance of £22,054.00 through Court action if necessary. We would therefore ask that you re-confirm your position. In the event that you are seeking legal advice in this matter, we would ask that you provide us with details of your solicitors so we may correspondence with them directly. Yours sincerely, Legal Department ---- Neither of us are in a financial position to pay off £22k in a suitable amount of time, especially to RLP. Surely it would have gone to court by now instead of dragged out as it isn't a typical £150 invoice they tend to throw out. Is it really worth paying for a solicitor to fight for him, will CAB consider this?
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