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  1. Thanks a lot for the response dx100uk. Apologies as I guess I'm pretty green to this world as never had a parking charge before. I don't really understand the difference between a charge or fine. I guess, very naively, I assumed that by proving I was a resident they would drop the charge. But from reading the other posts around I realise that most of these companies are just cowboys hiding behind very convoluted law. (and even the "independent" appeals aren't really independent) Thanks a lot for your time and I'll take your advice. I'll update this thread if I do get a letter
  2. Hi All Firstly, a massive thanks in advance for any advice that can be given. I feel a little bit lost in the law and unfortunately can't afford a lawyer so it's great to have communities like this to come to. My situation below: I live in a flat that shares it's car park with the rest of the block. The buildings management has employed ParkDirectUK to manage the car park and they require parking permits to be displayed. ParkDirect recently gave me a £100 parking charge as I forgot to display my parking permit. I contacted them with evidence of my residency and my parking pe
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