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  1. Hi thanks for the reply but it was only earlier this year that I was aware that the agreements prior to 2007 may not be lawful. I am firstly trying to obtain a copy of the original agreement to see if it was legal. If it is legal then that's the ends of it. If if it is not can I then consider applying to the court to have it set aside as the original CCJ was made against a non legal agreement even though it was made 6 years ago. If the agreement cannot be produced should they have been able to obtain a CCJ. It is only since February 2018 that this has come to light.
  2. Hopefully this is on the right board. Any advice or thoughts appreciated. A long story behind this but to keep it as brief and to the point as possible, the issue is this. My business closed in 2007 with lots of debt (sole trader - lesson learned). I did not go bankrupt as I was served with several statutory demands (took debt advice was told to wait for one of them to bankrupt you) no one carried through with it so got through the 6 years apart from the below which is still hanging over me.(all another story) One of the Credit card debts Lloyds Bank about 11K did th
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