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  1. Yes I’m over 18 and wrote the title cause it was petty as in stupid and reckless of us. My aim to pay is to not tell my family and not have a letter accidentally opened; I honestly have not intention of doing that as these are my actions alone to deal with therefore whatever consequences there are, I’ll deal with it. Thanks for the informative reply though and I will ask RLP what happens after we pay (if we do cause you never know we may not in the end)
  2. To be honest no, we just picked up the more expensive items and honestly got carried away cause we thought we were getting away with it.
  3. Agreed, I meant that not why as in why there and I’m gonna try elsewhere ever again after this incident. It was stupid of me.
  4. Before anyone starts, I know what I done was wrong and I’m fortunate to have not had the police called on me at the time. My friend and I colluded together to steal approximately £135 worth of goods from primark (I know, why primark the situation was dealt with quickly after we were caught and we were advised to pay the cost RLP state in the letter we will receive in 3 weeks. We intend to do so, as we want the situation to go away and don’t want to the run the risk of family members seeing these letters. I have several questions; 1. Can anyone in a similar sit
  5. Incorrect terminology, I forgot to edit it. I WILL start my own thread shortly, my questions on here still stand, thanks
  6. The fee comes from RLP specifically and that’s what the original person said they weren’t going to pay; I just wanted to know on this thread what ignoring the letters are like and if they got an invitation from the police. I may start my own later though, thanks
  7. Hello, as embarrassing as this is too say, I’m in the same position as you. the police weren’t contacted and I didn’t sign anything/take photos that said I consent to my details being shared to the police etc and I wasn’t told they’d get involved. I wanted to know if you’ve gotten an invite from them yet? Also I think I’m gonna pay my fine cause I don’t want the hassle of receiving the letters and having a family member see them; have you received lots of letters?
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