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  1. Hi there


    i have seen this thread and i am in the same situation. I wondered how it was resolved?? Did you ignore them, did you pay? 



  2. I also have a problem with their payment terms. They say payment is due immediately upon receiving invoice. Can they do this? I don't get paid until end of month, at which point the invoice will have been received nearly 10 days ago.
  3. But I signed their agreement which entailed their ts and cs. My argument is twofold: I thought they were HMRC and never realised it was a chargeable service. And they are charging me £120 for minimal work. All they have done is request employment forms to be sent to me from HMRC, and conducted 2 phone calls with me. I blocked them from acting on my behalf before they could do anything else. So do you still think ignoring them is best course of action, even with the signed forms? Also to the person who originally responded to me, did they go away once you paid? And did
  4. Can somebody please update me with the outcome of this situation? I am in a similar position. Thank you
  5. Please see the attached invoice which I received recently. I have a problem with the payment terms, as they are stated as immediate. I also still believe that the £100 is extortionate, considering a claim was never filed with HMRC. The only work carried out before I managed to cancel was the request of mileage forms to be sent to me, and 2 phone calls totaling 9 minutes. What do you suggest I do in light of this invoice? I am worried as I have signed their agreement. But even so, this surely isn't fair? They haven't done anything to charge £100 for. Do I have an
  6. Thank you very much for the feedback. I'll update this thread with any developments.
  7. Hello all, I am currently having problems with the website in the title of this thread. (All one word). Being under the impression that they were in fact part of the HMRC, I requested a work mileage rebate form from them, filled it out, signed and returned it. I then received a call very recently to request some further info regarding my application. In essence they wanted to confirm my employer, my address and they also requested copies of my mileage forms. Immediately after this call I did some further research in to this website, as something didn't feel right.
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