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  1. yes, I said I was the driver, I have an email from gladstones,when I asked what the pcn was for and they replied We direct you to the attached as this should answer your queries. You have a further 30 days from the date of this email to make payment in full failing which further legal proceedings will be issued against you without further notice. Payment can be made online or by calling 03330230049. Kind Regards Phoebe Litigation Assisant FAQ's[186].pdf
  2. as I said,i have till 24th July to submit my defence to county court, i have started my defence but I am not to sure how things are to be worded for my defence, if I hadn't of paid for the parking upfront then I prob wouldn't of fought this, but I did pay upfront and really cant see how the can charge me £242.65.
  3. underneath the large £1 per hour it says up to 4 hours in brackets,but is barely visible as I didn't notice it., yes, the car park is exactly the same, signs are the same.
  4. Name of the Claimant ?Link Parking claimants Solicitors:Gladstones Date of issue – 02/05/18 Date to acknowledge - 20/05/18 date to submit defence = 03/06/18 What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? 1.The driver of the vehicle registration xxxxxxx(the vehicle) incurred the parking charge(s) on the 21/08/17for breaching the terms of parking on the land at elder mews 2.The defendant was driving the vehicle and/or is the keeper of the vehicle/ And the claimant claims £160 for parking charges/damages and indemnity cost if app
  5. Hi all, I have untill 24th July to send my defence to county court and serve copies to Gladstones, on entrance to car park there is a sign which states £1 per hour parking, it shows on my pay n display ticket that i paid £5 ( I still have original ticket),which i thought would give me 5 hours parking as needed just over 4 hours to and fro from car park, there are no other signs around car park except next to ticket machine, which shows £1 for 1 hour parking ,£2 for 2 hours parking, £3 for 3 hours parking and £4 for 4 hours parking, then jumps to £6 to park
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