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  1. Since the age of 22 I have always had a Bank account, with loans and credit cards with miss sold PPI. The problem that I have in 2003 I cleared all my debts and paid of all my loans and moved abroad. Whilst abroad some trouble happened (third world country) and I needed to use the card for I think £3000 and bank account for £500. I did intend to pay it back but stupidly didn't as I didn't return to the UK until 2007. I checked my credit score and nothing had been registered. This is now some 11 years later. Now would there still be interest being added to these or would they freeze it. would they have sold on the debt????. I had some very expensive loans from my marriage and when I was single these were always all paid back. It wasn't even a stupid mistake withdrawing the money and I don't regret it. a young local girl had broke her leg and the family did not have the money to have the operation to repair it, so it was going to be amputated and the money prevented this from happening. So am I better off letting sleeping dogs lie or go for the PPI claims?
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