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  1. So its not just me thats had problems with JLR, amusing article and approach taken by another customer: https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/news/midlands-news/53k-range-rover-vogue-left-14923431 It was also a little strange that I went to transfer my belongings from my E-Pace to another car, remember the one that had ‘No fault found’ there was a sign in the front wind ‘Do not drive’ so its a safe car then. And yes I have a photo.
  2. So a question relating to the Consumer Rights Act, and something that may have caused me an issue. Is it only the owner of the vehicle who can claim a vehicle is not fit for purpose? The reason for asking is that I was going to claim, but I had a conversion with Jaguar Finance (Black Horse) who without any prompting from myself said the they had investigated the case and as no fault had been found would not be making a claim under the Consumer Rights Act, the finance company are the legal owner? It just feels like all companies involved are linked to the Jaguar Car company, if they deem no fault found the dealership, finance company and Privilege either can’t or do not have to help. Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll be able to provide a further update on my progress so far.
  3. In preparation for Privilege not supporting me and insisting I'll be in breach of T&C's and liable for £8000 if I return to my original part ex, I have prepared the following letter that I will send to the dealership, hopefully it won't be required. Any comments or suggests welcomed: Dear Mr. XXXX, REF: Hill/DEALERSHIPNAME-E-Pace SE I purchased the E-Pace SE with tow bar from DEALERSHIPNAME. At the point of purchase, I paid £41,000 made up of Trade-in, Jaguar Privilege & Jaguar Finance. The E-Pace SE is unfit for purpose. On 8th June at 13:34 the car was driving at speed on the A1 dual carriage way, unexpectedly and without any warnings the vehicle applied the brakes. The vehicle came to a stop, gears automatically changed from Drive, to neutral and then to park. Following this incident, it was not possible to restart the vehicle or enable the hazard warning lights for a short period. The Consumer Rights Act 2015 makes it an implied term of the contract I have with DEALERSHIPNAME that goods be as described, fit for purpose and of satisfactory quality. As you are in breach of contract and I've owned the product for less than 30 days I am within my statutory rights to ask for it to be replaced at no further cost to me. I officially notified DEALERSHIPNAME on the 11th June at 17:35. There have been ongoing investigations with ‘No fault found’ this does not mean the vehicle is safe or fit for purpose. I have provided evidence taken from the car that confirms that an event did occur as I have detailed. Jaguar Cars also confirmed on the 11th July that there were errors: “In light of the information you have provided I have contacted Jaguar Land Rover Technical Department who looked deeper into the information you provided, and they have advised that there was a fault code for loss engine loss of speed. This is not linked to the alleged AEB concern however, it does need to be looked at. I have emailed XXXX to advise this and asked when your vehicle will be back in the workshop. I understand that this has not met your expectations at this time. I can assure you that Jaguar Land Rover would not release a vehicle back to a customer they deemed to be unsafe.” I await confirmation that you will provide the remedy set out above within 14 days of the date of this letter. Yours faithfully,
  4. Based on verbal comments from various people at the dealership they are also surprised at the current Jaguar response. I have found my original Ford Kuga tradein which is in the same dealership chain and they have agreed that I can have it back Unfortunately things get a little complex, so whats planned is I have to buy my old car back at a slightly higher cost as the dealership has fitted new tyres, MOT’ed the car and are providing a 12 month warranty, I’m happy with the cost as these are items I’d have had to pay for anyway. The dealership then settles the finance and they resell the car. All good so far. .. The additional cost does include the £400 good will guesture from Jaguar which I’m guessing will be a voucher tied to the original car not cash, dealer either doesn’t realise this or doesn’t care. But, as the car was purchased using the Jaguar Privilege scheme the T&C’s state that I have to keep and be the registered owner for 12 months. Failure to do this may result in my Father (Privilege owner) loosing the benefit and being liable to repay the Privilege amount, £8,000. This is now the last remaining problem, the dealership have checked with the Privilege Programme Manager and had confirmation that they will not be liable for the £8000 and the dealership are advising me to get something in writing to confirm I won’t or my father won’t be liable either. I’m guessing the Programme Manager has only been asked if the dealership will be liable, not the fact that the car will be re registered and I’ll be breaking the T&C’s. Its another waiting game until Monday, hopefully this won’t be another problem. If it is I either have to accept the ‘No fault Found’ car back or proceed with legal action. If I was to win the same re registration of the E-Pace would result. 
  5. Already rejected, current state of play is as follows, Jaguar still refusing to accept there's an issue 'No Fault found', Jaguar are saying my contract is with the dealership, dealership need financial assistance from Jaguar to provide replacement which they are not getting due to 'No Fault Found' Jaguar & dealership blaming each other. Still no explanation as to why the car stopped for 1 minute. A bit annoyed with it all, today I have found my trade-in car and it's still in the dealers own network, I have therefore asked that my trade-in and any monies are returned and the finance cancelled.
  6. After nearly a week of silence I receive an email below from Jaguar. As can be seen it now feels like initially they were hoping I’d go away but have confirmed its an unsafe car. Dealership are saying Jaguar beleive a software update is required if this is the case how many other E-Pace owners are unknowingly driving unsafe cars. I’ve highlighted this point and also checked with the legal teams and I do have the option to cancel finance and walk away from the deal, but that then means I’m £8k worse of as I won’t have my discount returned and can only be used once a yea Jaguar Cars email confirms what the dealership verbally told me ‘ Your car is not safe, we’re not letting you have it back’ In light of the information you have provided I have contacted Jaguar Land Rover Technical Department who looked deeper into the information you provided, they have advised that there was a fault code for loss engine loss of speed. This is not linked to the alleged AEB concern however, it does need to be looked at. I have emailed xxxxx to advise this and asked when your vehicle will be back in the workshop. I understand that this has not met your expectations at this time. I can assure you that Jaguar Land Rover would not release a vehicle back to a customer they deemed to be unsafe.
  7. I agree with all three points and regardless of what happens next I'm unlike to enable the collision detection again, possibly explains why its disabled by default. But in principle why are customers buying products that are potentially unsafe and are then not using or disabling them?
  8. Wasn't aware that the sensors levels could be adjusted, and to be honest getting any data from Jaguar relating to our car is impossible which makes me think there's something they are trying to hide. The issue could be sensor related, where this happened is just after joining a dual carriage way from a slip road and immediately go under a bridge, I've always wondered and questioned if the bridge may have contributed to the issue?
  9. Just checking, is this a suggestion that the fault with our car maybe dirt related, it was only 12 days old still nice and clean and I'm sure the dealership would have said 'dirty car not good'!
  10. I think were I am and hasn’t changed since the first week, I was hoping that a recognised fault would be identified quck and then we’d continue . After a week it was clear this was a unique issue and there would be no guarantee that it had been fixed and the reason for then rejecting the car as not fit for purpose.
  11. Unfortunately not, I returned the car to the dealership and after about 1.5hrs I was told the issue was very strange, initially they couldn't find any logs but after restarting the car the logs / errors appeared that were linked the to incident. It was at this point I was told that I couldn't have my car back as it was too dangerous and didn't want to put me at risk, unfortunately this was all verbal. The fact that a hire car has been provided would imply there was an issue, another verbal conversation I had with the Jaguar Executive Team was that they had instructed the dealership not move the car to preserve any logs and faults. I did contact the dealership on Wednesday 4th regarding the return of our car and yesterday evening regarding the new evidence that there was a 1 minute break in the journey, the incident!, and asking for this to be explained. I'm struggling to believe that two people from the dealership and one Jaguar person are all out of the office as I've now not had any replies or updates for three days now. Maybe they are in a darkened room trying to work out how they plan to resolve this issue?
  12. UPDATE : I still have access to our car using the Jaguar app and I've discovered that the journey history is available. This confirms that something clearly happened, there's two entries, so my challenge is why did our stop & start for 1 minute on a dual carriage way? Start time 13:27 left our home address, and then ended at 13:34 on the A1 Start time 13:35 from A1 to Biggleswade Retail Park at 13:40 I've sent these details along with detailed map images from the Jaguar application asking Jaguar to explain the break if there's 'No fault found' Refund is more challenging and complicates this situation, the purchase of the car is a combination of finance, trade-in & privileged employee discount. Trade in money can be refunded, easy. Finance, in theory this could be cancelled but I've now made one payment and will I get this back. Finance company own car and dealership will have buy the car back from finance company. Privilege, this is the difficult one, it equates to 20% but is assigned to a car and not a customer, I'm only allowed one Privilege voucher per year. Privilege will issue a replacement voucher as long as there's a confirmed fault, so my current situation is that another car & dealership will result in an extra £8k cost as 'No fault found'. To be fair to the dealership they cannot do anything until a fault is found, the issue has been Jaguar Cars, I've already escalated to their Executive Team. Initially they were returning calls and emails, then it started to become a problem and Jaguar ignored calls and emails from both me and the dealership for over a week. As a result I contacted customers services and they informed me that they had changed the person dealing with the case but hand't had the curtsy to inform either of us.
  13. Took delivery of a brand new E-Pace and initially all was good until 6th June was drive on a dual carriage way and the front collision detection system triggered incorrectly. The car was bought to a stand still, the hand brake applied, and engine switched off, no vehicles or obstruction in front of car. Luckily the lorry and car behind our realised there was a fault and avoided a collision, wife and daughter very shaken. Reported to dealership who were very concerned and asked to bring it into dealership, they inspected the car found errors or logs relating to the time of the incident. Dealership said we could not have our car back it was too dangerous hire car was provided. were hoping there was an identifiable fault that would be quickly fix but after a week still investigations were ongoing we therefore rejected the car as ‘no fit for purchase’ Initially dealership were onboard and told us to report the issue to Jaguar Finance stating we were going to reject the car. Dealership the found a replacement car but delays started to happen Main issues were the replacement car was £600 which I wasn’t prepared to pay but also I’d used Jaguar Privilege staff discount which caused problems I continued to chase and was told ‘we have to follow process’. By this stage I’d already escalated the issue to the Jaguar Executive team. 2nd June still no updates chased and was told still waiting for report from engineers at which point I expressed concern and threated legal action. Magically a few hours later I received a call from dealership, no Jaguar stating that no fault had been found and as a result they could not replace my car and I’d have to have my original car back. I have stressed that no fault found does not mean the incident did not happen, in theory it is now more serious as Jaguar are aware of an issue and have been unable to identify the cause. Weekly summary of the events below, I have a very detailed breakdown of events Is there anything I can do, my wife now does not want to drive the car, she did feel happier knowing the car was going to be replaced. Now she will be concerned if it happens again. 25/05/2018 1 Delivery and handover of E-Pace 01/06/2018 2 Identified faults, rear fog light wiring, alarm triggered, 3G Issues 06/06/2018. Collision detection system triggered incorrectly 08/06/2018 3 Car returned to Marshalls due to serious fault, refused to return car as logs found, too dangerous 15/06/2018 4 "Asked to call Finance company and inform them car is not fit for purpose and is being rejected. All ad-min good and complete and everyone had approved the replacement. Christian had identifed a suitable vehicle but due to additional cost it needed approval but shouldn't be an issue." 22/06/2018 5 Replacement vehicle hadn't been approved, must follow process. 29/06/2018 6 "Issue relating to Privilege voucher resolved Christian working to locate suitable replacement car. Additional £600 reguired for new car, unwilling to pay extra, Marshalls unable to cover costs. Potential issues with Q3 pricing in comparison to Q2, need to wait until next week." 06/07/2018 7 Q3 SE Specification changed, Drive Pack now an additional £700 cost option.
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