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  1. Sorry but I don't quite understand your last post. .do you mean NOT to SAR them as by doing that it will letting them know where I live??
  2. I have moved several times since..easy traceable though being on the electoral roll.
  3. Hi again ..had a look at those threads and realised I had already seen them on previous visits to forum (I have spent whole days scouring forums for suitable advice!). .the advice you(and others) give is always very good but the one thing that's always seems to be sadly lacking in the threads is final outcome .the only things I have surmised from reading the threads and your advice so far is that 1.dca can't do Jack! 2.original creditors will sell debt not take me to court. For now I think it's quite safe to assume that I can ignore moorcroft till they go away. i also think(if your advice is correct) that sometime in the near future they will sell the debt as it's been 10 years since last payment so is nearly at the end 12 years statue barred period.. what id like you to advise me on now if I've got anything to worry about IF the debt is indeed sold on? How should I deal with them?? I would also like to ask at this point if it's any use sending halifax a SAR.. my thinking is that there's might be a chance that after 20 years after the actual repo they may not have the correct documentation to make the debt enforceable. . your thought and advice will be very much appreciated.
  4. Not as yet but will tomorrow as due to start work.. Will get back to you after I've read up on the threads if I have any more queries if you don't mind but thanks for you input so far.
  5. because they will want money..and so will the company they sell it to wouldn't They? But then again I do wonder why they haven't already done so in the 10 years?? Are you saying it could just stop if I carry on ignoring?
  6. is It therefore inevitable that they sell the debt on?? And if the debt is sold on would I still be negotiate token payments or even a f and f settlement if I could raise the cash?
  7. Thanks for that dx but if I do continue to ignore dca's isn't it inevitable that halifax just take the matter to court to get payment? It has been 10 years since last payment though.
  8. I don't think they own the debt as they state in the letters they are acting on behalf of the halifax. they have only recently in the past few months taken the case on so as of yet I have only been asked to get in touch to make a payment plan or discounted f and f payment which is a no no because I have no savings so no threats yet so you think i should do nothing at the mo I'm very worried that it will end in court.
  9. Moorcroft..can they still pursue me for this debt as it's been 10 years since last payment was made Why has the debt just being passed from one dca/solicitors to another I've had threats of court proceedings but they never materialise.
  10. The last payment would have been about 10 years ago when he left the country .i have made no payments and the only contact I've made is to email them about a month ago explaining my financial circumstances.
  11. For the past 10 years I have had various dca's/solicitors pursuing me for a mortgage shortfall debt after a repo in 1998. .I naively left the house after an ex partner said he would be able to afford to pay on his own. .the house got repo'd a few years down the line and as it was his fault he agreed to sort the debt out. .he started a payment plan and I had no contact from any dca etc.. .that was till about 10 years ago when I started to receive letters again and found out that my ex had left the country(Australia I believe) and had obviously stopped payments..now I am left saddled with the debt. .all I have had is letters showing the original debt and debt as it stands.. I have never in the 20 years years since the repo seen a full breakdown of how the debt was calculated ..is it too late to SAR the bank in question as I read you only have 6 years to appeal the debt?? Also I would would like people's thoughts on dealing with this matter. it's been hanging over me for so long and causing a great deal of stress. .the last thing I want is it to end up in court and have to pay a sum each month that I can't afford. .I did email the dca(moorcroft) about a month ago saying I wasn't in a position to pay anything due to financial circumstances and having no assets and live in rented accommodation.they have now sent a I and e form to send back which I haven't done.. .any advice on what to do next will be greatly appreciated.
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