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  1. They wouldn’t accept any payment from me as they said the contract was terminated and I would hear from them in due course??
  2. It was over the phone so have no proof of it barring them recording the calls which I argued with them about. Just want to know really if I will have chance to put my point across in court or will it happen without me knowing and they will just be able to turn up and take the car??
  3. Hi everyone. I change my payment date for my car finance with money way... I was advised wrongly of the changed date and rang one date late to pay my finance which I was then told was terminated as I had defaulted more than once in 2 years.. I fought and fought as I rang in the date I was informed was the new date but got no where with the situation.. I’ve then had anglia uk over the phone and coming to my house to ask me to contact moneyway or to voluntarily surrender my car which I don’t want to do as I was told a court order would be needed as I’ve paid over a third and
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