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  1. Thanks, guys!!! You are legends!!! Will try to keep you updated if we take some action. Cheers, have a great weekend
  2. Thank you, guys!! Will do my best at ignoring them.. How long will they continue their harassment, do you know? Can this ignoring last forever? I read a few threads yesterday but did not see anything with long-term results? Is there anything I could say or do so they would just stop calling and e-mailing with bigger and bigger charges and fees ? I get it, you answer the same million questions every day, I'm sorry. I will scroll through some other conversations. Thank you again!!!
  3. Hi there. I have had similar trouble with CRS because of the membership I had with the Lifestyle gym where I and my partner took 12-month memberships both. We then moved to a different city and kind of cancelled by the procedure except that my partner did this for BOTH of us and not me personally, no one never in the gym or Harlands told him that he cannot cancel for both of us (he was the one paying for them so we just decided it will be easier that way, I also was pregnant and super sick and just couldn't care less about the gym). He just carried on with the cancellation, it took him months to do it "properly" via phone calls and emails because there was always someone who knew nothing about it and always was told that to call or email here and there and there.. long story short- he cancelled eventually with the proof of our new address 100miles away with both our names on the bill. months later I got an email and ton of messages and missed calls from CRS. I ignored because I get a tonne of calls from these debt advisors and car accident people, but after a while, I realized it's for real, they are searching for me. I emailed telling the same I had just told you now and that I owe nothing, this has gone on and on for months, a couple of weeks ago I got an email with red letters about the court, you know what they do, won't recite it. I phoned harlands, I phoned CRS, my partner did the same.. I was left in tears on the phone because I was utterly stunned by the given attitude". They are not going to look into it, where the things went wrong etc. My partner left me his bank card n the table today saying- call them and pay them. And just something whispered in my mind- Google them. That's what I did and found this forum and I am hopeful now, this seems super unfair to me, and plus I am a stay at home mom, I don't get any benefits, I claim nothing from this country, my partner supports the whole family, I simply cannot afford to throw his hard-earned 200£ in the bin. What do I do?? Just ignore? Are you sure they cannot proceed with the court? Thanks a million for having this website and information, your advice is highly appreciated!!!!
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