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  1. Good shout i didnt consider those points, will feedback an update once i have followed your advice
  2. Not really what i was hoping to hear, but thanks for your input
  3. Previous previous owner and it was a private sale, so changed hands twice from lbl then me
  4. I have moved my vehicle to a safe place, I bought it in good faith 2 months ago for 3500 form private seller, spent 1000 pounds on repairs already and now LBL have sent agaents to seize. I have attached there BOS that they have provided me, but they are insisting that it holds up and stated categorically that they will continue to seek their "asset" and also threatened me that they will report it stolen and that i will be handling stolen goods. FYI, i bought the vehicle with full V5 present and had no reason to suspect anything like this. Thanks in advance for any help or advice.:mad2: Bill of sale .pdf
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