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  1. Thanks for the information, although an interesting read I do not think it applies to my case. In addition I am not disputing fees but certainly. MP has also been made aware of the situation. Thanks for taking the time to reply
  2. Thanks for this, in regards to the form it was not handed over until they left this is including the taking control of goods, they did not also fill out the when to make payment section either which it states in the taking control of goods act this has to be done. I am not saying I would be taking them to court over my wife crying this was just a mere statement that displeased me. The item is to be reported stolen tomorrow as it is not written down on any sheets given. They posted both the taking control of goods and the remove for sale at the same time as they left. I know t
  3. Hi Ploddertom I did via email, with no responses as of yet
  4. Not a para legal, we visited them with an appointment he is a solicitor. Regardless of the amount of the car there have been mistakes made and the proper procedure not followed and if won will hopefully help future people in my situation and making sure everything is done properly. Again though I clarify he is a solicitor and not a paralegal
  5. It is the principle involved and the way the Enforcement officer brought my wife to tears telling her she will be sued etc .. It is her dad that will be paying for this as being a father myself no one likes to see their daughter brought to tears. In addition to this although the car was a Cat C in the past it still presented ok to see suppliers and customers. Quite honestly though her father paid for a consultation and the Solicitor noticed no less than 3 instances where the proper procedure have not taken place. It was not as if I said go **** yourselves or anything to the
  6. Oh no no I appreciate that and this is not part of it I do not mean that at all as one of them. There was around 3 rules broken that's all I can say which went against the rules. We are currently preparing a case in regards to this. It is a reputable company in dealing with issues like this.
  7. Of course, He specifically deals in HCEO and bailiffs, but this will be after this is done first and if necessary.
  8. Thanks PlodderTom I understand, I have also sought legal council who have noticed some mistakes but will not post what they are. Thanks for all your help.
  9. Thanks Ploddertom, will see to that immediately. If a stay is granted will they have to return the car? Also I have received no 7 day notice of auctioning the car or anything
  10. Thank you Plodder Tom you certainly one of the kindest persons out there. In additional Sars letters sent as advised too
  11. IN reply to previous, We still have the keys and the green slip, the logbook is with the DVLA since the 28th The sat NAV no proof but he was leaning in the car so his body cam should have been on. My cleared out most of the other things. nothing else documented apart from the car. He did try and gain access by trying the door but was locked and i refused access. I did even offer him the money from the sale but was refused.
  12. Hi PT one form is called a Notice after entry or taking control of goods says date ref etc.. on the second sheet they have filled out its a car, the manufacturer, the model , reg and colour On the second lot of paperwork Called the Notice goods have been removed for sale or storage the same details on the second sheet but where it says how to collect your goods they have left the storage location etc.. blank This car was essential for business as it was used to collect stock and deliver stock between shops, also to visit customers and suppliers. The Price was based on some work
  13. I am sorry mariner if my post sounded rude it was not meant that way, I had paid the monthly payment before the sale of the vehicle. With the condition and being a previous write off the values I got online for the car was for £1000 roughly and that's from places that always knock done the price. Surely this would have been an "exempt" item from being bound by the writ in the first place due to being required for work for my wife in the business. I am aware I will still be liable and am not trying to get out of this. There was no "allegedly" selling of the vehicle it was an honest sa
  14. One other thing is when my wife was clearing out the car they said to leave the sat nav but this is nowhere on the paperwork that they took it. Is that important? The only thing listed is the car and the sat nav was one that goes on the winscreen
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